- Zoids Wild

    Zoids Wild launched in June 2018 with a number of new Zoids. Sporting brand new designs for almost the entire franchise, it flew off the shelves in stores and has been an overwhelming success to start with. It's accompanied by anime, manga, and multiple games under the same name.

Box Commentary

    These statements are found on the box of each Zoid.

    What are Zoids...?
    Mechanical organisms with metal bodies, born from a single Zoid Core that arrived on Earth tens of thousands of years ago. They come in a wide range of forms such as animals and dinosaurs. They stand at the summit of the ecosystem, and are feared by humans. For a long time, they slept deep within the earth, but when certain humans excavated and reconstructed them, they appeared on the surface once again.

    What is a Wild Blast...?
    A special ability hidden within Zoids, which activates when the feelings of the Zoid and its rider synchronise and their fighting instincts rise to their maximum level. The Zoid's physical abilities increase greatly and it takes on a more aggressive form - for instance, hidden weapons may appear.

- List of Kits

    These kits don't all have reviews up, but will have stock photos, box information, etc.