- Zoids Wild

    Zoids Wild launched in June 2018 with a number of new Zoids. Sporting brand new designs for almost the entire franchise, it flew off the shelves in stores and has been an overwhelming success to start with. It's accompanied by anime, manga, and multiple games under the same name.

Box Commentary

    These statements are found on the box of each Zoid.

    What are Zoids...?
    Mechanical organisms with metal bodies, born from a single Zoid Core that arrived on Earth tens of thousands of years ago. They come in a wide range of forms such as animals and dinosaurs. They stand at the summit of the ecosystem, and are feared by humans. For a long time, they slept deep within the earth, but when certain humans excavated and reconstructed them, they appeared on the surface once again.

    What is a Wild Blast...?
    A special ability hidden within Zoids, which activates when the feelings of the Zoid and its rider synchronise and their fighting instincts rise to their maximum level. The Zoid's physical abilities increase greatly and it takes on a more aggressive form - for instance, hidden weapons may appear.

- List of Kits

    These kits don't all have reviews up, but will have stock photos, box information, etc.

- Limited Editions

    This section is defined a little more ambiguously, as any kit released outside of the main model kit line. This includes contest limiteds, event exclusives, etc. It does not include CoroCoro limiteds, which have their own section below.

- CoroCoro 100 Piece Limited

    These kits are released through CoroCoro Comic raffles, usually in the form of silver peels. Originally each one had 100 kits released, making them very rare and expensive. Some have received limited rereleases through other means.

- Series Discussion

    Zoids Wild was launched in 2018, as a new series aimed at younger audiences. It is one of the largest reboots Zoids has ever seen, reaching almost every listed goal from the original press release. That aside, it has also been overwhelmingly popular with Japanese audiences, and though the series has mixed reviews for overseas fans, many still collect and enjoy the figures. Wild isn't just a toy, however. It has a strong gimmick, supporting anime, manga, and games, and is marketed in a very intuitive way. Below we'll cover many aspects of the series, and what you can expect from the model kits.

- Excavate and Discover!

    The packaging is all themed around the concept of excavating and rebuilding your Zoids. You open the box and immediately see a brown camou-colored cardboard, which you pull out from the box. These are formed into several partitions, with L-shaped tabs on the end to hold the motor. Pull those tabs back (to line up with the rest of the cardboard) to easily remove your motor without tearing up the packaging!

    Instruction manuals, known as the "Book of Restoration" contain information on the Zoid, where in the world it was excavated, and assorted details. These are interesting factoids not mentioned elsewhere in the series. For example, the Fang Tiger was originally discovered by accident, because its highly conductive skeleton became magnetized and disrupted an adveturer's compass!

    The instructions are laid out in an easy to understand manner. A fold-out page in the front includes a 'parts guide' where you can take the pieces out of the baggies and line them up on this diagram to keep track of which part is which. It also makes it easier to distinguish similar parts, but the kits are easy enough to assemble just by looking at the instructions. Small notes are littered throughout the manual to help younger fans build their kits.

- Build!

    Zoids Wild kits come in baggies of parts, which have been pre-cut from the sprues. This step has made a huge difference, not only in the build time but in the accessibility for younger audiences. You don't have to get your tools together to build a kit, or make sure you have glue on hand. The kits are ready to go, no matter where you're at. With a lower part number averaging 30 ~ 70 pieces you can sit down anywhere and build a kit. Baggies are also designed with an easy-tear tab that lets you instantly open the bags. The average build time is 20 ~ 30 minutes.

    Two downsides that may affect older fans is that this pre-trimming often means visible sprue marks, which are cut too close to be sanded down without affecting the shape of the part. The kits also have many hollow pieces, such as the inner legs. This is quite normal for model kits of this caliber, but perfectionists may find themselves annoyed by it.

Contents:There are certain contents that are available in every kit.
    - Motor (Windup for Small kits, Battery-operated for medium, large, and Extra Large)
    - Parts Baggies (Bag A: Skeleton, Bag B: Armor, Bag S: Special Parts)
    - Decals
    - Rubber Caps
    - Instructions

- Skeletal Design!

    Wild kits are all based around a base skeleton, which armor is added to at the end of the process. This is an interesting design choice. It's quite different from older Zoids. It allows Wild kits to share body parts while still making different species look like an entirely new creation. For example, Pachykedos and Gilraptor share skeleton parts with some unique parts interspersed.

- Zoids List

Standard Zoids
Limited Zoids
    - ZW01 Wild Liger
    - ZW02 Gilraptor
    - ZW03 Kabtor
    - ZW04 Scorpear
    - ZW05 Gannontoise
    - ZW06 Gabrigator
    - ZW07 Kuwaga
    - ZW08 Grachiosaurus
    - ZW09 Raptor
    - ZW10 Knuckle Kong
    - ZW11 Triceradogos
    - ZW12 Death Rex
    - ZW13 Gusock
    - ZW14 Stegosage
    - ZW15 Awakened Wild Liger
    - ZW16 Hunter Wolf
    - ZW17 Catalga
    - ZW18 Spideath
    - ZW19 Fang Tiger
    - ZW20 Dimepulsar
    - ZW21 Ankyrox
    - ZW22 Gilraptor Commander Type
    - ZW23 Dilophos
    - ZW24 Pachycedos
    - ZW25 Beast Liger
    - ZW26 Cannon Bull
    - ZW27 Raptoria
    - ZW28 Bazootle
    - ZW29 Sniptera
    - ZW30 Assault Boost Unit
    - ZW31 Buster Radar Unit
    - ZW32 Stylaser
    - ZW33 Geno Spino
    - ZW34 Gatling Fox
    - ZW?? Armored Liger
    - ZW?? Driver Panther
    - ZW?? Kuwaganos
    - ZW?? Omega Rex

    - Assault Boost Unit (Clear Ver.)
    - Beast Liger Limited All Clear Ver. (CoroCoro, 100 Released)
    - Death Rex Purple Dragon Form (CoroCoro, 100 Released)
    - Fang Tiger Saber (Battle Card Hunter Campaign)
    - Fang Tiger White Tiger Form (CoroCoro, 100 Released)
    - Gatling Fox Night Blue Ver. (CoroCoro, 100 Released)
    - Gilraptor Red Chrome Ver. (Contest Prize: 21 Released)
    - Hunter Wolf Command (Battle Card Hunter Campaign)
    - Hunter Wolf Flame Wolf (CoroCOro, 100 Released)
    - Kabtor Rare White
    - Kabtor Rare White (Arashi Ver.)
    - Kuwaga Rare White (World Hobby Fair 2019 Build Event)
    - Snipe Ptera Killing Red Ver. (CoroCoro, 100 Released)
    - Wild Liger Blade (Battle Card Hunter Campaign)
    - Wild Liger Crystal (BCH Raffle Event)
    - Wild Liger Evil (King of Blast Pre-Order Bonus)
    - Wild Liger Extreme Release Form (CoroCoro, 100 Released)
    - Wild Liger Gold Chrome Ver. Trophy (Contest Prize: 3 Released)
    - Wild Liger Guren (CoroCoro, 100 Released)
    - Wild Liger Guren (WHF)
    - Wild Liger Silver Chrome Ver. (Contest Prize: 21 Released)
    - Wild Liger Sky Peace Edition

- Special Campaign Items

    The Zoids Bases (Zoid-Specific store displays in Japan) sometimes hold campaigns where buyers can get special items (usually caps or stickers in unique colors) by spending a certain amount at a physical store. Some online shops also offer these items, such as AmiAmi and more recently HLJ (holding their own campaign for the existing sets.) The item you get is randomized, so we'll list them by "Set 1" and so on.

Zoid Base Campaigns
Z Cap Campaign 01: June 23rd, 2018. With purchases 2,000 yen or more.

        - Set 01: Z Cap x20 (Freedom Blue) + 1 AAA Battery
        - Set 02: Z Cap x20 (Death Metal Black) + 1 AAA Battery

Z Cap Campaign 02: Nov ~ Dec 2018. With purchases 3,000 yen or more.

        - Set 01: Z Cap x20 (Supreme Yellow) + Stickers
        - Set 02: Z Cap x20 (Death Metal Silver) + Stickers

    Sticker Sheet Contents:
        - Death Rex Frenzy Ver.
        - Grachiosaurus Lightning Ver.
        - Wild Liger Blue Flame Ver.

Z Cap Campaign 03: January 15th, 2019. Exchanged for a ticket from CoroCoro Magazine.

        - Set 01: Z Cap x20 (Supreme Gold) + Twin Fang (Weapons)

Zoid Base Campaign 05: March 3rd, 2019. With purchase of 2,000 yen or more.

        - Set 01: Wild Liger Black Lion Ver. (Stickers)

Zoid Base Campaign 06: April 27th, 2019. With purchase of 2,000 yen or more.

        - Set 01: Sticker Sheet (Includes Wild Liger Blue Thunder Ver. and Gilraptor Black Dragon Ver.)

Zoid Base Campaign 07: July 27th, 2019. With purchase of 3,000 yen or more.

        - Set 01: Official Remodeling Parts "Silver Titanium Ver." (Given with Beast Liger)

        - Set 01: Official Remodeling Parts "Steel Metal Ver." (Given with Cannon Bull)

     * Some campaigns, like Campaign 04 are giveaways of normal stock items. Campaign 04 was a twitter giveaway, so is excluded from special campaign items.

- Special Stickers

Zoids Wild Decals
    - Death Rex Frenzy Ver. (Purchase Campaign)
    - Death Rex Burning Dragon Form (CoroCoro May 2019 Issue)
    - Gilraptor Black Dragon Version (Purchase Campaign)
    - Grachiosaurus Lightning Ver. (Purchase Campaign)
    - Kabtor Rare White Arashi Ver. (Blue & Gold Metallic. WHF Exclusive)
    - Wild Liger Black Lion Ver. (Purchase Campaign)
    - Wild Liger Blue Flame Ver. (Purchase Campaign)
    - Wild Liger Blue Thunder Version (Purchase Campaign)
    - Wild Liger Silver Lion Ver. (CoroCoro) (Limited 1000 Pieces) (My Zoid Contest)
    - Wild Liger First Kitchen A (Red & Orange)
    - Wild Liger First Kitchen B (Black & Red)
    - Wild Liger First Kitchen C (Black & Orange)
    - Wild Liger First Kitchen D (Orange)
    - Wild Liger Sky Peace Edition (Blue)
    - Wild Liger Thunder Lion Form (CoroCoro May 2019 Issue)

- Zoids Stat Ranking

    These rankings are based on the stats provided with each box. Total score is based only on their stat table, it doesn't include larger stats (weight, total IQ, etc.) as these numbers would skew the results too much.

Stat Rankings

    Grachiosaurus (10.4)
    Stegosage (6.1)
    Death Rex (5.6)
    Fang Tiger (5.3)
    Dimepulsar (5.1)
    Knuckle Kong (4.9)
    Triceradogos (4.7)
    Awakened Wild Liger (4.5)
    Gilraptor (4.5)
    Wild Liger (4.5)
    Hunter Wolf (4.4)
    Scorpear (3.6)
    Gannontoise (3.5)
    Raptor (3.3)
    Ankyrox (2.6)
    Gabrigator (2.5)
    Catalga (2.3)
    Kabtor (2.1)
    Kuwaga (2.0)
    Spideath (1.7)
    Gusock (1.4)
    Death Rex (154.0)
    Grachiosaurus (134.0)
    Stegosage (90.0)
    Triceradogos (74.6)
    Knuckle Kong (54.0)
    Gannontoise (50.0)
    Awakened Wild Liger (48.0)
    Wild Liger (48.0)
    Fang Tiger (42.2)
    Hunter Wolf (41.0)
    Ankyrox (40.0)
    Catalga (39.0)
    Dimepulsar (38.0)
    Gabrigator (37.6)
    Gilraptor (35.2)
    Gusock (11.0)
    Scorpear (10.0)
    Spideath (10.0)
    Raptor (9.6)
    Kuwaga (9.4)
    Kabtor (9.0)
    Hunter Wolf (270)
    Gilraptor (259)
    Awakened Wild Liger (246)
    Fang Tiger (218)
    Gabrigator (205)
    Wild Liger (205)
    Kuwaga (182)
    Grachiosaurus (181)
    Knuckle Kong (180)
    Triceradogos (158)
    Stegosage (154)
    Ankyrox (151)
    Spideath (142)
    Gusock (135)
    Scorpear (129)
    Kabtor (124)
    Raptor (114)
    Death Rex (98)
    Dimepulsar (97)
    Catalga (93)
    Gannontoise (89)
    Gannontoise (107)
    Gilraptor (102)
    Knuckle Kong (102)
    Death Rex (98)
    Awakened Wild Liger (95)
    Grachiosaurus (95)
    Wild Liger (95)
    Dimepulsar (93)
    Ankyrox (92)
    Fang Tiger (92)
    Spideath (92)
    Gusock (85)
    Scorpear (81)
    Hunter Wolf (77)
    Triceradogos (77)
    Gabrigator (72)
    Stegosage (64)
    Raptor (57)
    Catalga (48)
    Kabtor (42)
    Kuwaga (42)
    Awakened Wild Liger (10)
    Death Rex (10)
    Grachiosaurus (10)
    Knuckle Kong (10)
    Fang Tiger (9)
    Gabrigator (9)
    Stegosage (9)
    Wild Liger (9)
    Ankyrox (8)
    Triceradogos (8)
    Dimepulsar (7)
    Gilraptor (7)
    Hunter Wolf (7)
    Kabtor (7)
    Catalga (6)
    Gusock (6)
    Gannontoise (5)
    Kuwaga (5)
    Scorpear (5)
    Raptor (4)
    Spideath (4)
    Catalga (10)
    Grachiosaurus (10)
    Stegosage (10)
    Death Rex (9)
    Gilraptor (9)
    Hunter Wolf (9)
    Gannontoise (8)
    Fang Tiger (7)
    Knuckle Kong (7)
    Raptor (7)
    Spideath (7)
    Wild Liger (7)
    Dimepulsar (6)
    Scorpear (6)
    Triceradogos (6)
    Awakened Wild Liger (5)
    Gabrigator (5)
    Gusock (5)
    Kabtor (5)
    Death Rex (10)
    Gannontoise (10)
    Grachiosaurus (10)
    Triceradogos (10)
    Gusock (8)
    Ankyrox (7)
    Hunter Wolf (7)
    Knuckle Kong (7)
    Wild Liger (7)
    Fang Tiger (6)
    Stegosage (6)
    Awakened Wild Liger (5)
    Catalga (5)
    Dimepulsar (5)
    Gabrigator (5)
    Gilraptor (5)
    Kabtor (5)
    Kuwaga (5)
    Spideath (5)
    Scorpear (4)
    Raptor (2)
Wild Blast:
    Awakened Wild Liger (10)
    Death Rex (10)
    Grachiosaurus (9)
    Hunter Wolf (9)
    Triceradogos (9)
    Wild Liger (9)
    Ankyrox (8)
    Fang Tiger (8)
    Gabrigator (8)
    Gannontoise (8)
    Gilraptor (8)
    Gusock (8)
    Knuckle Kong (8)
    Dimepulsar (7)
    Stegosage (7)
    Raptor (6)
    Scorpear (6)
    Kabtor (5)
    Kuwaga (5)
    Spideath (5)
    Catalga (4)
Overall Score:
    Death Rex (55)
    Grachiosaurus (53)
    Hunter Wolf (48)
    Awakened Wild Liger (46)
    Wild Liger (46)
    Fang Tiger (45)
    Knuckle Kong (45)
    Triceradogos (45)
    Ankyrox (43)
    Gilraptor (43)
    Gannontoise (42)
    Stegosage (42)
    Gabrigator (39)
    Gusock (38)
    Dimepulsar (36)
    Catalga (33)
    Spideath (33)
    Scorpear (32)
    Kabtor (31)
    Kuwaga (31)
    Raptor (27)