- Zoids Original Release

    After years of patience TakaraTomy launched the Zoids Original line, a series of model kits that finally answered the prayers of many fans: Rereleasing motorized kits once again.

    The line began in early 2013, and was expected to reach the 4th kit by either October or November. Unfortunately the line suffered constant delays, with release dates pushed back 1-2 months at a time. It was never on schedule, and while the pages originally spared room for 5 kits, the 5th slot was later removed. It was announcd in early 2014 that the Storm Sworder FSV, the 4th kit in the line would be the last.

    It was sad for this series to end so soon, with only four Zoids. Every one of them, except for the last had brand new parts and variations. It was accompanied by new online web stories, and by comics. The line was supposed to be a follow up to the Zoids Concept Art Books, which summarized the war before the point of Zoids Original. There were also two short films focused on the two beginning model kits. While a third was scheduled, no release of it has been made, nor was the 'goods' section of the website ever updated.

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