- Zoids Fuzors Release

    The Zoids Fuzors line was released in Japan coinciding with the anime of a similar time. It contained largely motorized and BLOX Zoids, which were meant to be posable, interchangeable kits. The motorized models were often recasts of the original Tomy models with new colors, and occasionally CP parts. Some kits, such as the Energy Liger contained extra sprues for combining them with their BLOX partners.

    Zoids Fuzors kits were frequently known to contain limited edition Zoids Scramble cards that were not sold elsewhere.

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Standard Zoids
Special Edition
    - FZ-001 Liger Zero Phoenix
    - FZ-002 Konig Wolf MK-II
    - FZ-003 Command Wolf AC
    - FZ-004 Boldguard
    - FZ-005 Leoblaze
    - FZ-006 Buster Furher
    - FZ-007 Lord Gale
    - FZ-008 Gojulasgiga
    - FZ-009 Arosaurer
    - FZ-010 Gorhecks
    - FZ-011 Killer Spiner
    - FZ-012 Command Striker
    - FZ-013 Matrix Dragon
    - FZ-014 Chimera Dragon
    - FZ-015 Energy Liger
    - FZ-016 Liger Zero Falcon
    - FZ-017 Jet Falcon
    - FZ-018 Gairyuki Shin
    - FZ-019 Gravity Wolf
    - FZ-020 Gravity Saix
    - FZ-021 Gravity Saurer
    - FZ-022 Ultimate Seismo
    - Blade Liger Black Impact
    - Brachio Tortoise
    - Command Wolf HT
    - Leostriker HT
    - Ray Kong
    - Storm Sworder Jet