- ZW18 Spideath

- Basic Details

    Release Date: January 26th 2018
    Price: 1200 Yen
    Parts: ??
    Size: S
    Motion: Wind Up

    A small-sized Zoid with sharp reflexes. It moves quickly on its 8 sharp feet, the Venom Spikes. When releasing its Wild Blast, it jumps swiftly, swinging its legs in a scissor-like motion to thrust the knife-shaped Venom Spikes into the enemy Zoid, injecting them with poison.

    Excavation Site: Wild Continent (Jungle Zone)

    The skeleton at the excavation site was covered with a cocoon-like Death Thread, so its identity was a total mystery until a special solvent was used to melt and dissolve the Death Threads.

Wild Blast: Spider Poison
    Length: 3.8 m
    Height: 1.7 m
    Weight: 10.0 t
    Max Speed: 142 km/h
    IQ: 92
    Venom Spike

    Jet Anchor
    Jet Opening
    Scanning Eye
    Thread Winch

Speed: 5    |     Attack: 4    |     IQ: 7    |     Stamina: 7    |     Defense: 5    |     Wild Blast: 5

- Box Art

- Clean Version

- Motorized & Wild Blast Information

    It changes its posture so that the body and Venom Spikes face forward! It advances while opening and closing its legs to seize enemies!

    For its killer move, the "Spider Poison" it jumps quickly, swinging its blade-like pointed Venom Spikes in a scissor-like angle to pierce the enemy, then injects them with poison!

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