- ZW17 Catalga

- Basic Details

    Release Date: December 2018
    Price: 4000 Yen
    Parts: ??
    Size: M
    Motion: Motorized (x1 AAA Battery)

    A medium-sized Zoid that excelled in excavation and towing. It has a strong jaw capable of digging down into the bedrock, and with its numerous, strong legs, it can tow several times its own weight. When using its Wild Blast, it attacks enemies by rapidly rotating the drill that protrudes from its jaws. It can dive into the ground, and sometimes even attacks from the ground.

    Excavation Site: Wild Continent (Jungle Zone)

    In the stratum, it was found that the Catalga had a large population, with many excavated holes overlapping one another. This may have made the ground brittle, which meant that carrying out excavation work was difficult.

Wild Blast: Howling Shout
    Length: 8.2 m
    Height: 2.3 m
    Weight: 39.0 t
    Max Speed: 93 km/h
    IQ: 48
    Cutting Drill
    Drill Jaw

    Lower Jaw
    Rotating Feet
    Tail Horn
    Towing Trailer
            Length: 9.6 m
            Height: 1.3 m
            Weight: 22.0 t

Speed: 4    |     Attack: 6    |     IQ: 4    |     Stamina: 10    |     Defense: 5    |     Wild Blast: 4

- Box Art

- Clean Version

- Motorized & Wild Blast Information

    You can send a variety of different sized Zoids (sold separately) to be towed with the trailers!

    Capture Wild Zoids with the Capture Ropes!

    Slide the back lever backwards, and the drill extends from the mouth and starts spinning, while the Zoid advances forward!

    Its killer technique, "Dig The Earth", attacks enemy Zoids while rapidly rotating the drill jaw. It sometimes dives underground, and launches an attack from the ground!

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