- ZW16 Hunter Wolf

- Basic Details

    Release Date: November 2018
    Price: 3000 Yen
    Parts: ??
    Size: M
    Motion: Motorized (x1 AAA Battery)

    A medium-sized Zoid who uses its inner power to reach the speed of sound. It has strong leg power. Its Wild Blast has two different forms. The first form converts the shockwaves coming out of the Sonic Booster on its back into propulsive force, moving fast to attack with the claws and fangs. The second form targets enemies while the sonic booster is facing forward, generating Sonic Sickles (sharp sound wave sickles) from the throat to chop up its enemies.

    Excavation Site: Wild Continent (Desert Zone)

    It's said that in response to the howls of the Hunter Wolf the bones underground may resonate, kicking up a breeze. This wind was used as a clue while excavating.

Wild Blast: Howling Shout
    Length: 8.9 m
    Height: 4.4 m
    Weight: 41.0 t
    Max Speed: 270 km/h
    IQ: 77
    Howling Gun

    Aero Tail
    Res Cowl
    Resonator Frill
    Sonic Booster

Speed: 10    |     Attack: 7    |     IQ: 6    |     Stamina: 9    |     Defense: 7    |     Wild Blast: 9

- Box Art

- Clean Version

- Motorized & Wild Blast Information

    The first form changes to high speed mode by raising the wings on the back and running forward! In the second form, by extending the back wings and moving the booster forward, the wings move up and down, and the tip of the booster spins!

    For its killer technique, the "Howling Shout," it howls violently, and slices its enemy to pieces by generating Sonic Sickles (sound wave sickles) from the throat and sonic booster!

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