- ZW08 Grachiosaurus

- Basic Details

    Release Date: July 2018
    Price: 6800 Yen
    Parts: ??
    Size: XL
    Motion: Motorized, x2 AA

    A large-scale Zoid that attacks with tis hammer-like neck, as well as transports goods by making use of its large body. When unleashing its instincts, the huge "Hammer Bone" is integrated with the head armor, able to crush anything. Its power is strong enough to crush enemy Zoids as well as the surrounding ground.

    Excavation Site: Wild Continent (Mining Zone)

    Grachiosaurus, which adapted to the rainy and dimly lit environment of the jungle, has developed a unique color.

Wild Blast: Grand Hammer
    Length: 15.8 m
    Height: 10.4 m
    Weight: 134.0 t
    Max Speed: 181 km/h
    IQ: 95
    Hammer Bone (Sides)

    Outrigger (Anchors; Legs)
    Radiation Fin (Chest)
    Rider (Back)
    Spinous Bone (Neck)

Speed: 7    |     Attack: 10    |     IQ: 7    |     Stamina: 10    |     Defense: 10    |     Wild Blast: 9

- Box Art

- Clean Version

- Motorized & Wild Blast Information

    It stops walking and the Hammer Bone is deployed! The head becomes a hammer and hits the ground, then it returns to walking!

    Its special move, "Grand Hammer," violently swings the neck which has now become a huge hammer, and crushes enemy Zoids!

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