- ZW02 Gilraptor

- Basic Details

    Release Date: June 2018
    Price: 3000 Yen
    Parts: ??
    Size: M
    Motion: Motorized, x1 AAA

    A medium-sized Zoid that specialises in high-speed movement using its legs, which excel at springing motions, and the Jet Boosters on its back. It slices up enemy Zoids with the large talons on its feet and its "Wing Shotels", a third set of talons that appear when it uses its Wild Blast.

    Excavation Site: Wild Continent (Mining Zone)
    It's said that because of the spring mechanisms of the body, along with the reduced weight and complicated armor that it was difficult to restore at the beginning, when it was first excavated.

Wild Blast: Instant Slaughter
    Length: 8.4 m
    Height: 4.5 m
    Weight: 35.2 t
    Max Speed: 259 km/h
    IQ: 102

    Head Radar
    Jet Boosters
    Wing Shotels

Speed: 9    |     Attack: 7    |     IQ: 7    |     Stamina: 7    |     Defense: 5    |     Wild Blast: 8

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