- Fire Fox

    Fire Fox is another installment of the Yuuji Kaida Zoids, but more importantly, it is the only recolor ever released of the Shadow Fox. This makes it the prime option for re-releases of future adaptions to the Zoid, and it has quite a striking appearance.

    Now the problem here is that Fire Fox's unique color scheme has also made it a vulnerability. The dark yellow plastic is a unique color, and the treatment to make it such a color has made it brittle with age. Pieces will practically fall off of the sprue without provocation. Many of the pegs on the guns, paw pieces, etc., will shatter when being put onto the Zoid. To fix this, you may try steaming them for a few seconds over a boiling pot of water (use a strainer, and be sure not to let it touch the water or sides of he pan.) If you have a Fire Fox, and you ever wanted to build it, I suggest you do it as soon as possible.

    - Vibrant color scheme with cap colors not seen on any other kit
    - Uniquely designed box art
    - Many gimmicks in the adjustable weapon and frame

    - Extremely brittle plastic (dark yellow pieces)
    - Bad scarring on painted parts

- Box & Inserts

- Gimmicks

    The cockpit flips open, of course. The biggest problem with the Fire Fox (and Shadow Fox, for that matter,) is that the cockpit is painted. This means that scarring shows very badly, and because both aree slightly sparkly, it's also hard to patch these up with touch up paint. Once you flip it open though, the control console for the Zoid can also be extended upwards, similar to a Command Wolf.

    While the Jaws open, the fact that the teeth are the same color is mildly annoying. I recommend trying to touch these up with a silver paint marker or something.

    This may not technically be an intentional gimmick, but because Shadow Fox's ears attach on pegs, they can rotate! You can see in the second image that they slide backwards, just a bit, although this will pull them slightly out of the socket. It makes the Fox look much more sleek if you happen to like that.

    In addition to the ears, Shadow Fox is one of the earlier Zoids to incorporate a slightly more articulated head! It swivels just slightly from side to side, and at the base of the neck, he head can move up and down. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture of this -- I'll try to get it updated at some point, when I'm finished moving Zoids.

Laser Vulcan Gun:
    Shadow Fox is known for its Laser Vulcan Gun and Multi Weapon Rack. You can see this weapon has quite a lot of posabilit. It tips backwards at the base, and where the red section connects. A bar in the front props the weapon up, and you can swivel it to the side where the red part connects. Also worth mentioning is the barrels on the side of the gun. If you turn these, the four barrel weapon will begin to spin. Unfortuantely, this is not automated by the motorized features due to the articulated joints of the gun, but it's still pretty nice.

    Not only does the tail move up and down, but the yellow plastic piece on the bottom opens up to reveal the Net Gun. Now, because these two pieces are molded in dark yellow expect them to be extremely fragile. The Net Gun missile is supposed to double as a way to wind the wind up key without obstructing the overall aesthetics of the Zoid, but when it is this fragile I do not recommend that you use it at all. Find a drill point of other square object to turn the key.