- Unofficial Release

    "Unofficial" can be so many things. There are a few terms I think we should go over regarding these kits. They will contain release information on their individual pages if I have it available to me.

- Bootleg

    Kits that are recast from official model kits, often in unique and bizarre color schemes. These kits are often released in small numbers by the bootlegging companies and are more of a rarity than you'd expect.

- Plating

    Plating is an interesting exception. Tomy once answered collector inquiries about what chroming kits would fall under, legally. They confirmed that chroming a Zoids model kit is a rendered service. It is not the same thing as reproducing those kits, as the original figures still come from the Tomy company. For this reason, plated, chromed, or vacuum metalized kits are fully legal and approved of by the Tomy company.

    Most of these came from Leo-shop, an old web store that used to offer custom chroming work on Zoids. Most kits were limited to numbers of 5-50. Other limited releases have been done by GrimmStudios or Mechadioz, other popular chromers.

- Knock Offs

    Knock offs are more of an infringement of trade mark, than copyright. They are uniquely molded figures that are still ripping off the Zoids line, but are often original casts.

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