- Tomy Release

    Also known as the fan-coined term "NJR" or "New Japanese Release", the Tomy section currently will include both older and early 2000s model kits. This series focused on motorized kits, either battery powered or with wind up engine that would allow them to walk, and in some cases roar, or light up. Many of these old motors still work, and with no batteries included they have not corroded over time.

    Each model kit came with a pamphlet which contained bits of information about kits. These were known as the Zoids Fan Books. The last few kits of the line included Zoids Fan Book EX, sometimes with full color magazine-style instructions (for a select few.)

    When they first came out they also coincided with the Zoids Battle Card Game, and many of them contained 1st Edition cards for this series. Most often it featured the box art. There was later a rerelease of some Tomy kits with Scramble edition cards.

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- Tomy Release (NJR: New Japanese Release)