- Rebirth Century Release

    The Rebirth Century line was an attempt to revive the motorized toy line, and was one of the most mourned of those attempts. It contained newly remastered kits from earlier series, which sported new armor or conversion parts. The series would later even have a couple of its own, entirely unique models, which brand new mechanisms never before seen.

    The series was regretably short lived, with only a few kits ever released. It contained brief battle story information but appears to be rather disjointed from the main line.

- Zoids Rebirth Century Reviews

- List of Zoids

Helic Rebirth Zoids
Guylos Rebirth Zoids
Limited Zoids
    - HRZ-001 King Gojulas
    - HRZ-005 Dos Godos
    - HRZ-006 Ex-Gurantula
    - HRZ-008 Barigator TS
    - HRZ-010 Tiga Godos
    - HRZ-012 King Liger
    - GRZ-002 Gil Vader
    - GRZ-003 Hel Digunner
    - GRZ-004 Dark Nessios
    - GRZ-007 Zeek Dober
    - GRZ-009 Valga
    - GRZ-011 Crimson Horn
    - GRZ-013 Gul Tiger GC
    - Limited Merda TS
    - Z-01 Dos Godos (Limited Color)
    - Z-02 Valga (Republic Colors)