RZ-046 Shadow Fox

    In spite of being a wind up, Shadow Fox is one of the coolest Zoids in the NJR line. It has an excellent attention to detail, and although some parts are painted, the excess paint isn't hugely distracting from the rest of the Zoid.

    Nowadays, the Shadow Fox has become rather scarce in american stores. This includes online bidding services like Ebay. I would thoroughly suggest searching for import stores, or Yahoo Japan. Even with the fees of a third party bidder, the price of this zoid on Ebay is far worse.

    Excellent Design; Unique compared to many Zoids
    Painted parts ensure that the Zoid maintains anime-accurate color details
    Many unique gimmicks
    Multi-weapon rack on the back allows many different weapon choices

    Wind up gear requires removing a tail piece
    Anchors are not posable
    Gattling guns are rotating, but not automated
    Cockpit doesn't close complete (probly persists in 3 SF Models)

- Box and Inserts


Limited Edition Card:


- Instructions


- Gimmicks

    Like most Zoids, Shadow Fox can open its jaws. The jaw piece that wraps around the base of the jaw doesn't allow it to open very far, though.

    Hinges on the neck allow Shadow Fox to move its head up and down as well. It can ever so slightly move it from side to side, but I didn't feel the range of motion was enough to photograph. It's probably just a loose joint.

    The Shadow Fox's cockpit flips open as well. I meant to get a shot of the inside, but I forgot. Nonetheless, there seems to be a problem with the Shadow Fox's cockpit not closing all of the way. This was really annoying to me, and I've had a total of three Shadow Fox kits in my collection, all of which had this problem.

    Albeit a kind of pointless feature, given the fox has to stand somehow, the paws are in a position to rotate up and down.

Vulcan Gun
    Shadow Fox was one of the first wind ups, if it /the/ first to have a weapon as adjustable as the Laser Vulcan Gun. A rail underneath of the gun fixes it into an upright position, and ontop of another platform, the gun is set to be able to swivel sideways. With the platform itself being able to tip forward and backwards, this allows an incredible range of motion for a gun system, setting the Shadow Fox's long ranged equipment on an entirely different scale than most Zoids.
    The only annoyance with the weapon is that it's meant to be able to turn/rotate. This only makes sense with a gattling gun, but it would have been nice if this had somehow been wired into the motorized actions, as on its own, it's a fairly useless gimmick. Nonetheless, I can see why it would have been difficult, given how adjsutable the weapon is. Turning the large teal wheels on the side of the gun will rotate the barrels.

    Looking at the tail as a whole, it can flip up and down. The hinge is pretty stiff, though. I suspect that this may tie in with the wind up motions, but I haven't tested this yet.
    The bottom of the tail also opens up to reveal the Net Gun. Aside from just being a nice, accurate feature, the Net Gun missile gives an alternative wind up switch that isn't an eye sore when not in use. It plugs into the ribs of the Zoid where it can be used to wind up the motor. This is kind of annoying at the same time, since it requires disassembling a part of the Zoid to wind it up.