- BZ-004 Nightwise

    Nightwise is the first flying BLOX and included a somewhat annoying, but functional method of using two wing attachments. The Zoid, given the way it is designed does not have very much articulation. The gimmicks seem negligible compared to the range of motion other BLOX have.

    That being said the design is awesome, and for an owl Zoid it really delivers on appearance. The Zoid has no problem standing in various poses due to its stature.

- Gimmicks

    Nightwise' head should probably be able to turn more than pictured but the chest armor tends to block the movement a bit. It does tilt to either side, though.

    The foot rotates forward and backwards but because of how short the Zoid is they barely have room to move.

    The way the wings attach allows them to rotate up and down a bit. The two attachments are the joints on the end of the wing (where the wings will stick straight out) or installing an optional BLOX joint to the red ports so that they set flat against the body.

Wing Missiles:
    Only the two inner missiles seem to move. The larger missile on the outside blocks the range of motion for the two inner ones.

    Like many other pieces the range of motion is limited by other parts. The tail attaches to the blox joints, though, so it can theoretically move all the way around.