- BZ-003 Mosasledge

    The Mosasledge is one of many BLOX kits developed by Tomy. These kits use square cubes with interlinking pegs to build up the base. Unfortunately the original design lacks in stability. BLOX kits are known for sulking or being unable to stand on their own (for the two legged kits.) Mosasledge, being a rather flat Zoid doesn't have this problem but has its own unique issues with design. In particular that there is no flat belly for it to sit upon, so it is always flopping from side to side.

    Aside from the generic BLOX problems it's an excellent looking kit and every part being able to turn to such a degree is nice.

- Gimmicks

    The head attaches on a simple peg. The rubber casing around the hole allows it a sideways range of motion. It can also swing up and down a little.

    Mosasledge actually has a better range of motion with the jaws than most Zoids, but still doesn't open too wide. The small teeth add a lot of nice details to the shape.

    One thing I love about th Mosasledge cockpit is that it has spines going down the top. This is a nice way to differentiate it from the other Matrix kits. Unlike most Zoids it's placed on the back, not the head.

    Having the fins attach on pegs also allow a better range of motion. The small missiles up top are not able to be posed separately from each other. They can only really flail to try to keep him balanced, unfortunately.

    On a peg this part can rotate all the way around, so you can use a sideways swipe for the chainsaw if you prefer.