- Zoids Gravity Rex

    Gravity Rex is an extremely rare Hasbro Zoid. While we will likely never own one ourselves, the seller of one from December 2014 was gracious enough to let us rehost their images here, as well as to extend their knowledge to all of us asking questions. As such this isn't so much as a review, so much as an archive for this event. The Zoid had never been seen for sale before, with only a single other copy known to exist.

    The seller speculated that it is not a prototype, with the finished box and everything, so much as a cancelled item that was completed and just not rolled out. He expects there to be more than a few out there. Below is quoted his perspective of this elusive item.

    Three of these rexes were owned by the seller. The first sold for $1,025.

    "2002-2003 I was a junior in the instruction design and trilingual packaging team. (by team... like 3 people)

    "I'd just assumed the Rex was part of all the product I'd collected at company sales and received as proofs/comps over the years and had no idea it was rare."

    "Interesting. If I have 2 of them, that means it was not a prototype or a test/preproduction item but a /canceled/ item. This may sound crazy but my reasoning is: at one point, every bagged but unknown item I have had packaging and as a Hasbro employee, I would not have taken a second packaged rex from work. Wouldn't have seen 2 nor had 2 as comps or 'take this' items from a supervisor.

    "So that leaves one option: it was purchased at the employee Holiday sale at Hasbro's pawtucket warehouse in 2004. (when I purchased many zoids) That yearly sale, and the random cafeteria sales, can have… unusual items. Toys and games from an Exec's closet, unsold pallets, etc. I once purchased a full collection of Avalon Hill games that had been unseen since the 70s, a bit dusty but otherwise mint. I also saw many micromachines' packages from the 04 re-launch at the sale and didn't think anything of it, even though I'd worked on them and knew Marketing had killed that product.

    "So, at least in the case of the Gravity Rex and the green Battle Rex (?) a handful of units were produced. Most likely a case of each, or a half case of each, that were sold at that sale. Items not sold to us at that sale were either tossed back into storage, given to the childrens' hospital, or another local RI charity, or… ground up."

    Much thanks to Retiredtoyguy for allowing us to rehost this information!

- Data

    These photos brought previously unknown data to light.

Gravity Rex Data: Tyrannosaurus Type

    Weight: 8.2 tons
    Height: 7.56 meters
    Depth: 18.36 meters
    Max Speed: 250 km/h

    Moving Attack Claws
    Chomping Jaws
    Cockpit Opens
    Launching Harpoon
    Motorized Walking Movement
    Pull Cord to Mobilize

- Box and Insert Photos

- Content Photos