- Shield Liger BLOX

    The Shield Liger BLOX was released as the game exclusive of Zoids Tactics. This stragedy based console game was one of the last ones to come out for the Zoids franchise, and saw quite a few more sales. The Shield Liger BLOX that was packaged with it is a relatively popular and easy to find Zoid (on the Japanese market), much more common than its Genosaurer counter part.
    I really don't have much bad to say about this kit. It's based on the Leoblaze BLOX, so it's not able to stand up very well on its own. However, one thing I love about this Liger (like the other Leoblazes) is that the front paws back bend far back for natural paw positions, and can also hang on to other surfaces, hanging for quite some time that way. The frustrating part is the lack of color details painted onto the kit, or complete lack of painting at all, but this actually isn't abnormal for any BLOX Zoid. I just wish the fangs were silver.

    -Excellent shade of blue
    -Strong paw pieces with good articulation

    -Sulks (joints do not hold up strongly if not balanced on four paws)
    -No details painted

- Box and Inserts

    Like many limited edition Zoids before it, the Shield Liger BLOX has a box done in entirely one color. It does specifically note that this small Zoid is a prototype never released to the general populace, with an artificial BLOX core as a power source.

Shield Liger Blox Frame Explanation
This information is the "battle story" tid bit from the back of the box.

    Although "Shield Ligers" were highly valued before, the frames couldn't be mass produced because there were few wild Zoids.
    However, the Republic planned mass production because of the remarkable activity of the "Shield Liger" Van Flyheight rode. Using the prototype for the artificial Zoid core that was under development, the experimental "Shield Liger Blox" was made.

    But, because at that time artificial Zoid cores were unstable, the cost of making the frames didn't counterbalance drawing out the abilities near a "Shield Liger"; several sets were made and production was stopped. The knowledge acquired at this time later greatly contributed to the development of the Zoid Blox "Leoblaze".



    Shield Liger's jaws can open, but because of the flat mane piece behind them it's not very far.

    You'll also notice that the cockpit can open and the shield generators flip up. The cockpit is fairly low detail but the fact that it even has one is interesting. No other Leoblaze based model kit has an openable cockpit.

Back Mounted Gun:
    The double barrel laser can rotate all the way around. Unlike on the normal model the back is all one big blue piece. This means the little tab that flips up to reveal the gun is not movable on this BLOX -- the lasers are just placed ontop of it.

Core Blox:
    Not necessarily a gimmick, but the Zoid is made up of several BLOX pieces. The silver core blox is unique to this Shield Liger, with an entirely different shape from the others.

Front Legs:
    The front legs are made up of the shoulders, forearm, and paw. They can rotate between each segment, and like other Leoblaze bases the paws can rotate all the way back almost, making for much more realistic poses. The paws also hold strong enough for them to hold onto other things, as seen in the main article images!

Back Legs:
    The back legs can rotate at the 'knee' and leg. The knee can ... oddly, rotate forwards. The paw can rotate up and down as well.