The Iron Bible

- Convention Exclusive - Clear Buster Eagle

    Supposely this kit was sold at a Zoids exhibition in 2003 alongside the Clear Lord Gale. The whole kit is just beautiful, transparent and clear color with transparent blue BLOX and brown pieces. The only solid parts are the double sided pegs used to attach the legs and such.

    Condition wise I was very sad to obtain this MISB, tape unbroken, and still get a partially yellowed one. It's the only reason I dared to take it outside. You can see this most visibly in shadows. Otherwise the condition was beautiful.

    Like most BLOX Zoids the Buster Eagle has problems with loose parts. Especially those neck pieces, which constantly fall off. The heavy cannons make it very difficult for the kit to to stand, and it'll slump over time unless posed just right (and even then, it has only stayed standing overnight.) As of recently though this kit has been popping up on Yahoo Japan for only $10-$30 and I highly recommend it!

    - Brilliant translucent colors
    - After all these years, still no brittle parts!
    - Multiple standing pose reconfiguration options

    - Loose fit parts, constantly sags like other BLOX
    - In many sections, limited pose ability

- Box Images

- Gimmicks

    Connecting on a simple BLOX joint allows the Buster Eagle's head to tilt to either side, and the whole neck to bend up and down.

    The jaws open and close to a decent extent. Unfortunately Buster Eagles little head stripe doesn't open, that've been a very nice feature.

Neck Feathers:
    These pieces are exceptionally finicky. They fall off if bumped at all. Nonetheless, they do spin around a bit. Their range is blocked by the legs that they shield.

Buster Cannons:
    Not articulated very well, but not terrible. They rotate up and down but better sideways or tilting articulation would've been nice.

    The wings fold back and can sling forward a bit for a very impressive range of poses. The only disappointing part is that since they use two BLOX pegs they can't rotate. I don't imagine that would've been possible with their weight and loose joints, though.

    The missiles on the underside of the wings can rotate from side to side, limited only by their angle towards each other.

    Buster Eagle's tail can swing far to the sides or tip up or down. I'm really rather unpleased that there's no way to connect it directly to the back of the body though, instead of it attaching to the top of the back. I feel like it'd be much more aesthetically pleasing than just having that huge flat space.

    Because the Buster Eagle's legs use a two peg system to attach there's no way for them to rotate at the body connection. It's really rather unfortunate. They can be detached and placed horizontally to permit a taller standing pose.

    The feet can rotate up and down, but are limited in range by the backwards facing claw.

    The canopy on the back can open up, but as you can see, in a standing pose this doesn't work so well! It's not as bad horizontally.