- HMM-039 Iguan

Number of Pieces: ## | Number of Frames: ##

    The Iguan is a brand new kit that drew from the Godos as a base. Designated to the Empire it has a classic red and silver Zenebas palette, and unique pink eyes. The overall aesthetic of the kit is a little strange, but as far as Kotobukiya redesigns go it's top notch.

    Unfortunately the Iguan is also a little fiddly. I wouldn't say that parts come off much, but it feels loose, and kind of cheap. I do not mean brittle, just, kind of wobbly all over the place. The only parts I had problems with were the feet coming off.

    -Good pose ability for such an unusual build
    -A nice, dark red instead of brick, orange, or pink.

    -Parts feel loose, even if they don't actually come loose.

- Box Scans


    Iguan's cockpit uses a classic whitehead design, and flips open the upper half. This sort of 'snaps' into place, and when open it does not stay secure at all, and instead is very wobbly.

    Well maybe not ears, but you know. These guns rotate far to the front and back. They're also designed to detach and many people prefer to put one on the sides. I prefer my Iguan with both ears attached!

    The head is on a ball joint that rotates up and down, as well as turning and tilting to either side.

    The neck also swivels to either side.

    The torso swivels left and right. Combined with the head and neck this gives the Iguan an amazing range of motion for such an unusual build.

    The arms have two different hands. A clamp on one and a four barreled gun on the other. The clamps open and close, and the arm itself can bend up, down, and twist sideways at the elbow. The actual range of motion is very limited by the large silver parts on the sides.

Back Panel:
    This panel on the back flips up to reveal a highly detailed underside!

    The legs move forwards and backwards, but still have a limited range of movement. The knee on the other hand can move quite a bit, and you'd be surprised how well this bottom heavy lizard can pose.

    The toes of the Iguan can move independently of one another. The foot comes off often while posing, but I think that is just because of the odd way it attaches.

    The tail is quite interesting. It rotates left and right with a decent range of motion, and also bends up and down. There are so many guns on this tail I'm just going to lump them all together! All can rotate forwards and backwards, and the anchors on the tail can rotate up, down, and also twist out to the side.