- HMM-034 Limited Fire Fox

    Fire Fox was released in October 2013 and is a limited version of the Shadow Fox. Its design hasn't changed physically besides the pilot, which is actually a smaller rubber (one piece) version. The paint scheme features a very nice metallic gold and silver that is on par with the shiny-level of Shadow Fox.

    Since Shadow Fox is still one of the newest builds Fire Fox shares in its excellent stability. It can pose well, few pieces come off, and it has an excellent range of motion.

    The color scheme isn't for everone but I want to stress that it is not as blinding or as pink as most photos show it to be. The problem is that any decent lighting at all really bleaches or over saturates the image. The color is very vibrant, but it is a couple shades darker than pure red. This image is very close to the true colors.

    -Pre-painted reflective gold and silver pieces
    -Excellent articulation
    -Secure build with few falling pieces
    -New flexible pilot figure

    -Nose pieces do not close properly when cockpit is open
    -Painted parts have a lot of cut locations near visible areas (such as canopy)

- Box

- Instructions

- Technical Data

    Over-all Length: 17.3 m
    Highest Point: 8.0 m
    Weight: 52 t
    Max Speed: 290 km/h

    Electron Bite Fangs (Teeth)
    Strike Laser Claws (Paws)
    AZ 70mm Internal Electromagnetic Net Cannon (Tail)
    AZ 30mm Armor Piercing Laser Vulcan

    3D Radar & Multi-ear Sensors (Ears)
    Anchors (Back of legs)
    Wing Balancer (Panel above tail)
    Smoke Discharger (Upper rear leg)
    Acceleration Booster (Back of Vulcan Gun)
    Shoulder Weapon Rack (Black plate that the Vulcan is attached to)


    Firefox still has the same nose issues as Shadow Fox, where the nose pieces will not stay together unless the cockpit is closed.

    But he still has his shiny teeths! One of mine was chipped, visible in the photos. I'm not sure if this happened while I was building or if it came like that.

Head and Neck:
    Fire Fox shares the same advanced articulation for the head and neck. The head is on a ball joint that attaches to the top part of the neck. The top part of the neck is also attached on a peg that allows it to turn seperately from the bottom part of the neck, which can also rotate a little. This is what gives Shadow Fox and Fire Fox their wide range of motion.

Laser Vulcan Gun:
    The Laser Vulcan base is now done in a flat gray, with vibrant gold barrels that look amazing in the right light. It attaches to the upper back and rotates up and down, as well as swiveling from side to side. This range allows it to face in almost any direction.

Main Body:
    The Fire Fox has a body that twists left and right, and also bends very far upwards for a nice stretching pose. I didn't recall to get pictures of the side-to-side movement.

Core Chamber:
    The Zoid Core in the chest is much more easily accessible than most HMM Zoids before. This area of the chest can simply pull down from below and open to reveal the Zoid Core inside.

    Fire Fox's tail rotates both at the base, which attaches to the rear of the main body and where the red part begins. This second articulation point allows it to rotate very far up and down, and the area where it connects to the main body can move up, down, and side to side.

Net Gun:
    Fire Fox's tail contains an electromagnetic net gun that folds down from the rest of the tail. With the added tail movement it makes this much more effective-looking.

Front Legs:
    Fire Fox has a ball joint system for the main body that allows bars, which attach the legs to pull out slightly from the main body. This both increases the range of inwards-leaning motion as well as making such poses look less broken. The front legs also rotate at the 'elbow' but range is limited by the armor.

    All four paws attach to a ball joint for full rotational ability. The claws can flip up and down independantly of the rest of the foot, and this is mainly how you will ground poses.

    Anchors on all four of the paws rotate up and down. Unfortuantely this looks a lot less functional than the ones on motorized kits.

Back Legs:
    The back legs are able to extenda bar from the main body like the front legs. They are articualted at the 'knee' and 'heel' with a pipe in the middle section that flips up or down, to avoid obstructing the pose.