- HMM-032 Liger Zero Panzer

    Panzer was the very last of the three CAS units to be released; following the order that they were released in the New Japanese Release. The kit has changed its color scheme just a bit, to a more militaristic shade of green. Although it is still light, and a little faded, I found this to be quite a step up from the NJR's ... "happier" shade of green, which seemed much less "realistic" to me.

    Although there may appear to be some aesthetic issues with this Zoid online, I can assure you that it is so worth the build in person. Something about actually having it in front of me completely changed my view of how it looked. There are so many hidden gimmicks and weapons that the Panzer rapidly shot up the favorite Zoids list. They have greatly expanded on the original design and made it even MORE over gunned, something I never thought would be possible!

    The kit is sold without the basic Zero armor. It also only has the basic Liger Zero waterslide decal, which is kind of disappointing. None of the CAS units seem to have a real decal sheet. While I don't use them, decals can make a big difference in the overall appearance of a Zoid.

    -Extreme number of hidden weapons
    -Strong joints capable of holding unbalanced poses
    -Additional articulation on weapons such as the Hybrid Cannons
    -Custom Bit Cloud pilot

    -Shoulder armor can come off easily
    -Internal shoulder missiles (side) are very easily damaged
    -Anchors on back legs won't settle in most leg positions
    -Upper back missile pod has difficult access to open


- Technical Data

    Over-all Length: 23.3 m
    Highest Point: 9.7 m
    Weight: 145 t
    Max Speed: 285 km/h

    Double-barreled AZ Homing Missile x2 (White missiles on shoulder)
    Double-barreled AZ Micro-homing Missile x2 (Rear leg armor: front)
    Five-barreled AZ Micro-homing Missile x2 (Lower front legs)
    Four-barreled AZ Micro-homing Missile x2 (Rear leg: Top)
    Grenade Launcher (Chest)
    Hybrid Cannon (AZ 108 Beam Gun. Smaller barrels)
    Hybrid Cannon (AZ 216 Railgun. Larger barrels)
    Missile Pod (On the front of the clairvoyance box)
    Seven-barreled AZ micro-homing missile x2 (Side panels)
    Six-barreled AZ Micro-homing Missile (Tail)
    Six-barreled AZ Micro-homing Missile x2 (Lower shoulder armor-side, rear leg armor-side)
    Triple-barreled AZ micro-homing missile x2 (Green box on front of shoulders)
    Vulcan Pod (barrels on tail)

    Clairvoyance System (Box on the back, between the shoulders)
    Head Aero Fairing (Top head fins)
    Leg Cowl (Side Leg Armor)
    Retractable Outrigger x2 (Anchors on back legs)
    Shoulder Cowl (Shoulder Armor)


    Panzer's jaws open, just like any other Liger Zero. He's got some nice stabby teeth, so trick someone to stick their finger in there.

    The cockpit opens on a hinge joint in the nose. The Liger Zero Panzer comes with a custom painted pilot figure for Bit Cloud.

Face Fins:
    The side fins of the mane can rotate forward, but stop at the point that they are facing directly outwards, due to the armor in front of them. I like Panzer's over all armor design, but found the fins a little stubby.

    His mane 3d radar antennas are collapsable; a first for the Liger Zero Panzer design. The ends fold up into the bottom to create a boxier look, then are extended when necessary.

    The top portion of his mane rotates upwards, starting with the gray piece. It would have been much better to find a way for the green pieces to rotate, in my opinion, since the gray piece doesn't look like something that should rotate.

Upper Back Missile Pods:
    Every missile pod on the Panzer is made up of multiple pieces, ensuring that the missiles are a different color from the rest. This piece on the upper back has 11 different missiles stationed in it, but because it is behind the mane and ears, and under the hybrid cannons, it can be difficult to access without moving a bunch of other parts before it.

Radar Dish:
    Another first for the Panzer design! this radar dish is set into the upper back behind the shoulder missile pods. It can rotate upwards.

Lower Back Missile Pods:
    Two missile pods are on the lower back, with doors that rotate on a hinge towards the center of the back. These pods have four missiles each, and fit into the streamlined design of the Panzer. It's worth mentioning that the little armor nub above the tail rotates a little bit too.

Tail Missile Pod:
    Liger Zero Panzer's tail-mounted missile pods gain a lot of interest with the Liger's tail being poseable. This makes them seem much more effective, and the pod sports a total of 5 missiles.

Tail Guns:
    Another addition to the Panzer design are the two small gattling guns on the tail. Both guns can rotate 360 degrees, boasting the Panzer's already articulated tail design.

Side Missile Pods:
    Whoo, even more missiles! The side panels feature 7 missiles in each pod and can rotate straight outwards.

Shoulder Armor:
    Oh god. There are so many things to cover about the shoulders that I don't even know where to begin. For now I'm going to exclude the basic leg articulation, since that'll be covered in a future Liger Zero review anyway.
    For the Shoulder Armor, I'd like to mention that the shoulder itself is disjointed from the actual upper leg, meaning that the armor when attached can rotate towards and backwards independently of the rest of the leg.

Shoulder Rocket Launcher:
    Two doors on the top of the shoulder armor can flip in to reveal some large rockets.

Shoulder / Thigh (sides) Missile Pod:
    This missile pod can pull outwards to reveal six more missiles, and is added to the Panzer's whole new weapons list. This is where I'm going to have to complain, though. There is a tiny plastic numb on the back of these pieces that you're supposed to leave on so that you can get a grip to pull these missiles out. I tried shaving them off on one piece, and leaving them alone on another piece. Neither piece functions properly. The missiles stick into the armor too good to be pulled out without risking breakage. The dark green part attaches to the grey missile box on a very fragile hinge joint, and when you try to pull the missiles out, even carefully, that piece will strain and potentially break.
    If you were to try it more than once I figure it wouldn't survive the stress. It is extremely frustrating that they would use such a fragile set up for a piece that is intended to have stress put onto it. If you leave the numb as instructed, the green piece will also stick out in the back, making it appear that the piece has not gone in straight, and is crooked. I would recommend not sliding this entirely into the armor, or just never messing with it. Ever.

Shoulder Grebade Launcher:
    A panel on the fronts of the shoulder also flips open to reveal 3 grenades. I should clarify that I don't know if these are officially rockets/grenades/missiles, I'm just making it up as I go along to distinguish them.

Leg Missile Pods:
    Mooorrreeeee missile pods! The lower leg armor of the Panzer has been converted into a brand new weapon. Instead of just being bulky armor it now houses five missiles in each front leg, with a thin door that can flip open at the bottom to reveal them.

Rear Leg Armor:
    Like the shoulder armor, the whole armor piece of the back legs can rotate independantly of the leg.

Rear Leg Missile Pods:
    A four-missile pod rests on the top of the back legs, opening at the rear to show the weaponry hidden inside.

Rear Leg Grenade Launcher:
    Adding another new addition. It wouldn't make sense for the rear legs to have a forward-firing weapon, so instead they have a door on the front of the leg armor that can rotate open and is pointed upwards.

Rear Leg Anchores:
    While this is yet another new equipment item to the Panzer I can't help but feel that it's a little awkward. In a lot of leg positions it can't rest flat on the ground, but it makes sense for such a high powered firing Zoid. Perhaps it was thrown in so that the Panzer isn't hurled backwards every time it fires the Hybrid Cannons. When not in use they fold up over the backs of the legs.

Hybrid Cannons:
    The Hybrid Cannons have been reinvisioned to have extra articulation. They are also nice and bulky, which is a huge relief after the customized Panzer seen in Dengeki Hobby Magazine.

    The guns can rotate outwards/sideways on a hinge joint where they meet the back. This joint can rotate at another point where it actually connects to the back, allowing these weapons to lie down at the Panzer's sides. The joint where they connect to the small arm mechanism can rotate directly wards, allowing Panzer to fire at his sides, or even behind him if he needs to.

    What makes these weapons particularly deadly is that they seem to be reinvisioned to fire from both ends, unless the other end is a booster. It looks like it could be either or, possibly a more energy-based weapon than the large heavy artillery barrels.

Chest Mounted Missiles:
    The chest-mounted gun is kinda stationary. It's a lot bulkier than the standard Zero's cannon so it can't really rotate as well as we'd like. It has three missiles, though, so that's ok.