- HMM-030 Liger Zero Jager

Number of Pieces: ### | Number of Frames: ## | Additional Figures: Bit Cloud

    The Liger Zero Jager is an excellent kit. The redesigning done by kotobukiya is really well done, and the extra panel lining along the wings adds to the aerodynamic feel. The color is also nice; really vibrant and dark instead of the faded jean blue that is used in the motorized kit.

    No effort has been made to improve the Zero frame, and the back continues to buckle like it does on all the other Liger Zero frames. The actual Jager parts seem to hold together just fine, although the boosters have always been floppy for me.

    -Extra articulation on fins that weren't movable for motorized kits
    -Excellent detail and a vibrant color not used for Jagers previously
    -Custom Bit Cloud pilot

    -Back buckles after a while from loose parts. Fixable, but a pain.
    -Boosters don't have a very fixed position and wobble

- Box Art


    The cockpit flips open independently from the upper mane. I don't have the pilot pictured, unfortunately! I tend not to put them into the Zoids.

    The longer pieces on the top of the head can flip all the way forward, and lay back.

Mane Panels:
    These panels on the side of the face flip outwards but they're pretty short.

    The three blades on the mane swing forward with the front part dipping into the center of the head.

    The jaws also open up! Liger Zero's teeth are a bit oversized and its jaw doesn't open up very far, unfortunately. It is still cool.

Head and Neck:
    The head and neck can swing up and down and are relatively uninterrupted by the legs and the rest of the body.

Lower Mane:
    The three blades under the jaws can also swing forward, or tuck in close to the throat.

Upper Leg Fins:
    These white-bordered legs flip forward. When 'inactive' they tuck under the upper shoulder armor. The last two photos show the rear leg fins, which are substantially longer.

Lower Leg Fins:
     These fins don't have a white border like the other one but also flip up and down. The connector piece doesn't hold them very well. They don't fall off, just flop down every now and then.

    The Jager's tail swivels in several places. It isn't any different from the other Zeros, but like them the tail constantly falls apart or comes off from the rest of the body.

Ion Boosters:
    These are the most amazing part. The boosters open up and the fins inside flare out. The white-trimmed fins underneath of those extend outwards to the sides. Extra articulation also lets them swing inwards and outwards, for better maneuver ability poses as seen in the anime.

Leg Panels:
    I'm not entirely sure what purpose this poses but the white panels on the legs flip backwards.

Side Panels:
    These small white side panels flip downwards. There is just the black surface on the other side, so it doesn't look that great aesthetically.