- HMM-024 Gun Sniper Linnon Special

Number of Pieces: 341 | Number of Frames: 32 | Additional Figures: Leena

    Based on Leena's Gun Sniper from the popular anime New Century Zero, this is an overgunned variant that defies all laws of gravity. The name "Linnon" is a differently translated "Leena", translations of Kotobukiya names frequently being different.

    The Gun Sniper itself is an awesome kit with great balance and pose ability. The additional weapons really hinder that ability. While it can stand and pose a bit it's not uncommon for it to fall over or for the legs to buckle if they're in the wrong position. The weight of the weapon assembly itself is also too great, meaning that the guns are constantly falling apart into 3-4 segments that have to be reassembled.

    As a note I lost one half of the last armor segment for the tail, so that is missing in the review photos. I apologize for that but I didn't want to wait much longer when I have no idea where it is. I also forgot to photograph the missile basket! I'll try to do that someday.

    -A huge number of additional weapon aprts
    -Able to stand, even if not well
    -Comes with an additional basket that includes missiles

    -Weapons add too much weight, heavily hindering mobility

- Box Art


    The cockpit of the Gun Sniper swings open. The control panel that sits over Leena's lap is 'stapled' in with pegs, and does not rotate like it does on some of the canine Zoids.

    The jaws open up quite a bit. The teeth of the Gun Sniper have been redone as an angular square that looks like a sharpened razor blade, which is really unique for a Zoid.

    The head of the Gun Sniper can swing up and down where it connects to the neck. The rubber pipes that run down the neck make the movement a little stiff.

    Seperate from the head articulation the neck can also rotate up and down, and even tilt left or right, giving a nice natural range of motion.

    The shoulders have a 360 range of motion, not counting when they bump into the legs. The white panel on the top also opens up to reveal a set of missiles.

    The elbow range isn't that great, but still not bad. The gatling guns are attached on a peg that can swing left and right.

    The rear legs can stretch to almost a straight line, which oddly, doesn't look that wierd on the Gun Sniper. It can even stand just fine in this pose. The white armor at the top of the legs reveals another, albeit unusual missile pod.

    The feet have a nice up/down range of motion and the claws are all seperately articulated with their own huge range of motion. The flat feet help to balance the Zoid in even dynamic poses.

    The tail of the Gun Sniper is based on ball-jointed attachments for each segment, meaning each segment can swing up and down, or sideways. Unfortunately it really can't straighten out as nicely as in the show, and if you try the armor pieces will go flying (which is why mine is missing those last two armor halves.) The tail as a whole moves up and down at the base as well.

    Well, they're not ears, but still. These parts swivel up and down, but sadly cannot stand straight up like they do in the show.

Weapon Assembly:
    The additional Weapon Assembly attaches to a connection piece beside the two boosters. It is on two bars that can rotate forwards and backwards so that the guns can lean inwards or swing out to the sides. It is also attached to a rotating disc that allows it to move up and down.

Gatling Guns:
    The gatling guns at the top of the assembly can move up and down. This is one of the weapon parts that lieks to come undone a lot.

Cannons & Lasers:
    The larger 3-barrel cannon on the outmost side can also move up and down, and the small laser gun that is attached to it rotates seperately.

Three-Barrel Weapon:
    This smaller weapon on the center of the weapons unit swings up and down.

    These two guns on the bottom of the assembly can rotate left or right. The attachment is kind of iffy and they like to fall off a lot while being posed.

Radar Dish:
    The blue bar on the top of the dish swings left and right, and anchors flat against the black when the dish itself is raised up. The mount that the dish is on can bend or even out straight.

Booster Missile Pods:
    The white front of the boosters opens up to reveal a set of missile pods. There are 8 shots in each pod and they are unpainted from the rest of the part.