- HMM-23 Limited Command Wolf LC & AC Barad Version

Number of Pieces: 364 | Number of Frames: 29 | Custom Pilot: Brad Hunter

    Barad's Command Wolf is your all-in-one blue sparklewuf. It comes with every weapon released in other Command Wolf designs prior and has a metallic blue sheen. When this Zoid was first shown online it looked like it was extremely sparkly. Unfortunately the actual wolf is no where near this level of sparkly. The sparkles are barely visible in bright lighting, and invisible in dark lighting. It is still a very vibrant blue, though!

    Build wise it's nice and stury. Stands well, holds its own weight. There are few loose parts, I've only had issues with a single leg disc and the ever-infernal belly tubes that plague earlier designs. Command Wolves are generally some of the most reliable Kotobukiya Zoids.

    There isn't much to say about this Zoid. It's a nice kit and there are few flaws! The main things that annoy me is the name "Barad" (especially when Brad is clearly printed on the decals) and the fact that its tail is blue. The box art, the pre-production photos, the instructions, every media promotion of this Zoid shows it with a black tail, and they still neglected to paint those parts.

    -Nice and sturdy
    -Uncommon vibrant metallic blues
    -Custom painted pilot
    -Additional weapons and features from original design

    -Color sorely misrepresented in online photos
    -Marbling on most plastic
    -Blue armor can be severely damaged by super glue

- Box Art


- Instructions

- Technical Data

    Over-all Length: 14.7 m
    Highest Point: 10.0 m
    Weight: 66 t
    Max Speed: 200 km/h

* Optional equipment

    * 50mm Anti-Zoid Double-barreled Beam Cannon (Silver barrels alongside the Long Range Rifle)
    * 50mm Anti-Zoid Double-barreled Beam Cannon (Standard Command Wolf gun. Seperate from IS gun)
    * AZ 250mm Long Range Cannon (Command Wolf Barad specifications)
    * Long Range Rifle (Command Wolf Irvine specifications)
    Anti-Zoid Double-Barreled Shock Cannon (two-barreled gun on shoulder)
    Electron Bite Fangs (Teeth)
    Personal Gatling Gun (Shoulder)
    Strike Claws (Paws)

    * Assistance Booster
    * Gunner Cockpit (Long Range Rifle)
    * Gunner Cockpit (Standard Command Wolf gun)
    * Pursuit Radar (Side pannels of AZ 250mm Long Range Cannon)
    * Search Radar (Top of AZ 250mm Long Range Cannon)
    Armed Hard-point (blue discs behind shoulder/leg armor)
    Armed Hard-point (Gun attachment)
    Exhaust Heat Unit (Back armor)
    Four-barreled Airbail (Neck panels)
    Highly Sensitive Multi-Sensor (Ears)
    Large Radiator (Chest vents)
    Power Tube (Neck tubes)
    Smoke Discharger (Side Barrels)


    The orange canopy of the Command Wolf opens up and the control console that holds in the pilot can also flip upwards. The kit comes with a painted figure of Brad Hunter, the Command Wolf's pilot!

    Command Wolf has some nice sharp teeth that lets it eat other poor defenseless Zoids. Sadly the jaws barely open because of the "fluff" pieces under the neck.

    The head is on a hinge joint that allows it to rotate up and down at the section where it attachs to the neck. This closely mimics the motorized model kit.

    The neck itself swings up and down but I wasn't able to get a good picture of this. It does, however, also move side to side! Which you can see here.

    The whole front part of the chest is a door that flips open. When it's down you can pull the Zoid Core out by grabbing onto the little bar on the front.

Belly Tubes:
    The belly tubes are part of an older Zoid design that was later decomissioned in future designs. They are very frustrating, but the box between the two larger panels slides forwards and backwards so these tubes come out all the time.

Front Leg:
    The forearms are built to rotate at the 'elbow'. The range of movement is slightly limited by the blue shoulder armor. Seen in the last two images the top of the shoulder rotates a little seperately from the rest of the upper leg. You can see here (if you look carefully) that there's a gap in the back of the leg.

Back Leg:
    The back leg works much the same as the front leg. Unlike some of the other quadruped Zoids the knee is stationary and not a seperate rotating piece.

     The black toes of the feet attach to a small rotating piece that allows the toes to bend seperately from the rest of the foto. This makes for some really nice poses that flow a bit more naturally than on other Zoids.

AC Gun:
     Brad's Command Wolf ends up with this weapon as its final version. It is the most anime accurate version for this kit but with all the weapon options you can build it however you want! Both barrels rotate seperately. Unlike the motorized kit the little antenna thing on the top does not move. The panels on the side are also on a bar that spins at both ends, so they can flip up or down.

Standard Gun:
     The standard gun uses a different attachment that is used for both it and the Irvine version gun. It rotates up and down just a little. The gun itself also swivels quite far and the barrels swing up and down, moving seperately. The orange canopy over the top of the gun opens up. The Zoid does come with an additional pilot but I don't have it pictured.

Irvine Gun:
    This weapon is pretty unique in the redesign. It swivels up and down since it uses the same attachment as the standard gun. It also rotates 360 degrees. The bars that hold the two side barrels actually swing back and forth but I'm not sure why this is because they're locked into place when assembled. A small canopy on the top is well armored, not meant to resemble the glass used for other Zoid's cockpits.

    These don't actually move very much but they have some nice detail, so here's a preview!

    The tail is on a ball joint that lets it rotate a bit. It can also move up and down but not very much.

Shoulder Weapons:
    This kit comes with the two brand new guns that were used with the Command Wolf AC version. The two barrel cannons rotate up and down and so does the gatling gun. They are equipped in place of the small discs in the shoulder.