- HMM-011 Cannon Tortoise

    Cannon Tortoise is one of the earliest kits. This review pertains to the December 2014 Rerelease. While the design overall is quite nice I feel like the kit itself feels light and cheap. Parts, especially the leg armor fall off frequently. Movable parts are also wobbly.

    That being said the aesthetic is pretty nice and the compartments are a unique feature that aren't seen in other models.

    - Very good aesthetic
    - Unique features and movable parts
    - Small size that is good for limited space

    - Leg armor falls off easily
    - Compartments can be difficult to open
    - Poorly fitting shell design that's difficult to put together

- Gimmicks

    The Cannon Tortoise's head is designed to withdraw into its shell as well as extend outwards. Once pushed out it can rotate left or right at a decent range.

    The cockpit flips backwards. The head has to be pulled out for it to open worth anything, of course, but that's a given.

    Yes, Cannon Tortoise has a tiny little mouth! This looks really, really strange on the kit. It's just an itty bitty little black panel on the underside of the jaw. You'll also notice a hole in the nose. That's from me not trimming careflly enough, whoops.

    The large bore cannon on the back can extend up and down where the gear is at. The details along the cannon are absolutely fantastic. The top part of the shell that it attaches to is also able to rotate so that the cannon can swivel around in a circle like a tank.

Side Guns:
    These large two-barrel guns at the side can rotate in a full circle. They feel a little loose but didn't actually fall off while I was moving them.

    This radar sets on top of the shell. The little panels can spin around but the unit itself doesn't turn. It just pops off if you try. Turning the radars also cause the two green pieces to come apart sometimes, so be careful.

    The legs are particularly frustrating. I do commend them for creating such a range of movement with such a blocky form but the armor pops off constantly while posing. This is largely caused by the legs extending far enough to pop the armor off when you try to position them forward. The rear legs have a similar range of movement.

    All four feet are no fairly flexible ball joints. It allows them to spin around in a circle and also tilt up and down.

Cargo Doors:
    Two large hunks on either side of the body extend downwards, planting firmly on the ground. To open them up you have to pull out from the square part on top. Afterwards you'll be able to see the Zoid core inside!

Core Chamber:
    This hatch on the bottom of the belly is meant to line up with the stripe when securd. Turn it sideways and then tip the Cannon Tortoise rightside up for the core chamber to pop up!

    The Cannon Tortoise now has an articulated tail! The joint that connects to the body allows it to swing left and right in a small range of motion. The middle, where the green attaches is able to swing up and down. That range of motion is actually much further than pictured. About a 30 degree angle.