- HMM 002 LTD Empire Command Wolf LC

    The Command Wolf LC was one of the first limited Command Wolves released, and features the Imperial color scheme. Unfortunately when I got mine I was wondering about the concept of ink washing. Before I realized I didn't really want to do this with my kits I inkwashed the whole Zoid, so as a heads up, this Command Wolf has custom detailing. It does not look like this out of the box, buuuut since I'm never going to buy another one just for a clean review.

    Overall it's a very nice kit. The colors of the base are a little light for my taste but Command Wolves are a better of the earlier designs. Pretty secure, generally speaking. Legs don't pop out as easily, etc.

    Nice colors, especially the canopy
    Pretty secure with few falling parts
    Still poses well even after years of aging

    Some extremely fragile parts, such as the beams around the gun barrels
    Toes can pop off somewhat easily

- Gimmicks

    Command Wolf has a good range of articulation in the head. It rotates up, down, and a little bit to either side. When tilted down you can push the head back a little bit so that the bar of the neck covers that circular hole.

    The canopy is a beautiful green, something you won't find on any other Command Wolf. When it opens with a hinge at the back you can also extend the control console inside.

    A new muzzle design is really what distinguishes this version of the Command Wolf. Unfortunately the downwards sloping jaw and the neck floof means the jaws barely open at all.

Front Legs:
    The peg that attaches the legs (all four, really) allows them to rotate all the way around, as long as you don't hit another leg. The elbow range isn't very good.

    The Command Wolf's paws have a little plastic hinge right behind the toes. This means they can rotate up and down a little bit, but since the indentation for the piece is shallow it can come loose easily. Nonetheless the toes are just adorable for an HMM.

Back Legs:
    The back legs have the same range of motion as the first. They are hinged only at the 'hock' and not at the knee like later HMMs.

    At the center of the boy is another joint. It can bend up and down but I didn't quite get a decent shot of this. It can also turn left or right.

Long Range Cannon:
    One gun with a great range of motion sits on the back. It can swivel all the way around and also tilt up and down. Be wary of the little red beams around the end of the twin beam gun barrels, they're fragile and easily broken.

LC Cockpit:
    A secondary cockpit is attached to the Long Range Cannon. This opens up to reveal a pilot seat. I ... didn't actually remember to put the pilot in there, so just pretend that he's visible.