- D-Style 28: Command Wolf Irvine Custom

    The Command Wolf is an excellent progression of the D-Style Zoid. It has a great look, although it would have been interesting of the colors had been varied in shade a little bit. It holds together very well, with no loose parts at all that I had trouble with, and comes with an unpainted Irvine figure.

    -Excellent color
    -Very stable build with no loose parts

    -... Not really any-

- Box Art


- Instructions


- Gimmicks

    The Command Wolf's cockpit flips open at the top. A console much like the motorized version rests over the pilot's lap and can rotate.

    His mouth is full of sharp pointy little teeth. These certainly look more menacing than most Zoids and are sharp, so be careful when attaching. The point here is of course that the jaw opens.

Head and Neck
    The head is attached at the top of the neck, and the neck can move separately from it. The panels on the side make it very hard for the head to actually move side to side.

    All four of his paws are on a ball joint. They can't rotate upwards, but they can rotate downwards, and tilt from side to side to help him keep more even ground.

Long Range Rifle
    The articulation on this gun allows it to not only spin 360 degrees but also swing upwards to face aerial opponents, which is pretty cool.

    Apparently I forgot to detail the movement of the legs very well. They can rotate almost 360 but end up conflicting with each other and blocking movement. It is also hard to get them to overlay like they do in some of the promotional photos.

    The tail rotates around on a ball joint~