- D-Style 26: Shield Liger

    D-Style Shield Liger is a rerelease of the Blade Liger frame, remodeled into the Shieldy. I personally felt that this was a huge improvement on the original frame, which had severe problems staying together. This time the Zoid is built very sturdy with no loose parts at all that I've found.

    Overall this kit seems to be very good quality. I honestly can't say I've had trouble with any part of it. The pics in this review are slightly misleading, though. Shield Liger is actually a darker blue. It is not very brightly colored but the dark blues often used on Shield Ligers do not like to photograph well.

    -Much more stable frame than the Blade Liger
    -Extra Features such as opening cockpit

    -Somewhat large price tag for such a small kit

- Box Art


- Instructions


- Gimmicks

    Shield Liger switched from using a basic hinge to a rotating PC part in the nose as the opening mechanism. It works quite well, but as you'll see in later pictures it comes loose a little when being moved.

    The D-Style Shield Liger is quite the toothy little thing. His teeth aren't as sharp as the normal HMMs but he's got a lot of them, and the jaws open a pretty good distance, considering how tight the Liger's mane is attached.

    Shield Liger's head is on a ball joint attached to the neck, just as the Blade Liger. It has a wide range of motion, able to move pretty far up and down. It can also tilt sideways, but the blocky parts on the sides of the mane tend to bump up against the shoulders and limit movement, depending on pose.

Shield Generator
    Only the top panel of the shield generator actually flips forward, sadly, but for how small this kit is it's still a welcome addition.

Double Barrel Beam Gun
    The gun on the Shield Liger's back has a much wider range of movement than the Blade Liger's boosters. The panel above it flips upwards, and doesn't seem quite as wobbly as on the Blade Liger. The gun itself rests on a short arm that rotates backwards. From there the gun can flip forwards, spin sideways, point straight up, or even backwards thanks to the ball joint it's attached to. A small slot in the blue armor allows the gun to stay active while the panel is down.

    Of course the little tail moves up in down. It's supposta be able to rotate thanks to the ball joint, too, but mine was feeling a little stiff and I wasn't comfortable trying to twist it in fear of breaking. I'm sure it'd be fine, but I like this little Zoid a lot and dont want to risk it.

    I neglected to photograph the back legs, but all four legs have the same general articulation. They are on pegs attaching them to the main body, and mostly move forwards and backwards. The legs are whole pieces with no flexible pieces besides the feet.

    Which are, as mentioned, the one articulated part of the legs. This is a huge improvement on the Blade Liger, I suspect because of the different armor design for the paws. Unlike the Bladey the Shield Ligers feet stay on VERY well. They are on a ball joint that allows a wide range of movement and do not come loose at all.