- D-Style 08: Blade Liger: Limited Red Version

    Kotobukiya released two different limited Blade Ligers, a red plating version and a blue plating version. They both look fantastic, but unfortunately the chrome is extremely inferior in quality. It is nothing like the other plated parts they've released.

    The chrome is actually metal vacuumizing with a red clear coat over the top. This upper paint layer chips off extremely easily, leaving scars all over the place. You can see this in the first few images. Just a bunch of tiny nicks and stuff, even on parts that were not cut areas.

    The chrome also makes it difficult to attach parts. You'll have to shave a lot extra from the pegs. On the plus side the added width means the feet stay on a little better.

    -Excellent Color
    -Feet are more secure thanks to the chrome

    -Chrome chips way too easily
    -Parts are hard to assemble

- Gimmicks

    The canopy opens up backwards. The chrome means its difficult to attach, which is what is causing mine to not lay down flat. You'd need to trim a lot extra to get this to fit correctly.

    The jaws open and close. Chrome gold teeth look amazing with the red!

E-Shield Generator:
    Only the panel on the top of the head rotates up and down. The neck does not contain any movable parts like other Blade Liger figures might have.

    Added thicknes from the chrome means that the feet stay on securely. They can turn left and right, but turning them too far can cause them to pop off because of the white overlap pushing against the leg frame.

    The blades attach at the sides, but unlike other releases they are not on a hinge. Instead, there is a bar that sticks out from the bottom and from the side, which you push into the slot to move up and down. They still rotate forwards and backwards at the middle.

    The tail flips up and down, but because it is attached to a ball joint it can also tilt left or right.

    The armor over the boosters is on a weird peg that rotates backwards. The boosters only rotate up and down, and don't have the mobility of larger figures.

    I admit I forgot to get pictures- but all legs rotate forwards and backwards at the point where they connect to the body. None of the legs have other points of articulation in the joints.