- RZ-028BE Blade Liger Black Edition

    For some reason the Blade Liger didn't get assigned a Fuzors designation number, but was noted to be a special edition of the Blade Liger.

    This review is of the original Blade Liger BI/BE. While Academy later rereleased this Zoid with box art showing new silver parts but colors are exactly the same between both editions; I've confirmed this personally. It is only the box that is different.

    Overall the quality is pretty decent. The paint can be uneven, and the seem lines are bothersome to me, but the parts all hold together well and the metal claws and teeth come with both versions! It is really an excellent color scheme.

    Nice color scheme
    Metal claws and teeth
    Lots of gimmicks for a motorized kit

    Bad seam lines on a lot of it
    Unevenly painted parts

- Gimmicks

    The canopy opens up to the back. The color is a very vibrant orange and looks nice, but there is a small gap between the edge and the head parts.

Face Fins:
    The panels on the side of Blade Liger's face extend outwards, or lay flat backwards. This helps with the active shield pose, but the parts can be fragile.

E-Shield Generator:
    The panels on the top of the head and down below the throat flip forward to simulate the Energy Shield pose.

    The panel on the upper back flips upwards seperately of the boosters, which can also stand on end and swivel sideways for an outwards facing position.

    The blades are silver, in spite of advertisements showing gold blades. They rest flat over the back but can also sling forward over the shoulders and extend to either side.

Refrigerator Parts:
    The large panels on the sides of the upper legs are hand painted white. They show bad seam lines, but extend straight outwards to the sides.

    I forgot to take pictures of the range of motion, but the Blade Liger's tail also rotates up and down. There's a peg on the top for mounting other weapons but it doesn't come with any.