- Kotobukiya D-Style Release

    "D-Style" is actually a line of SD kits that spans multiple anime/etc. series. It isn't strictly Zoids, but as this is a Zoids site and we do not collect other series, they will be the only ones covered.

    The line is cute, and a nice change from their highly detailed kits which can be very tedious to build. There is a lot of trial and error in the build, and sometimes quality leaves a lot to be desired. Surprising numbers of loose parts for such simple models, and poorly thought out articulation in many cases.

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- Zoids List

Standard Zoids
Limited Zoids
    - Blade Liger
    - Bloody Death Saurer
    - Command Wolf Irvine Custom
    - Death Saurer
    - Gustav
    - Iron Kong
    - Shield Liger
    - Ultrasaurus
    - Blade Liger Flash Metal Blue Chrome
    - Blade Liger Flash Metal Red Chrome