- Dragon Momoko Blade Liger (White)

    The Dragon Momoko is an interesting color scheme, as many bootlegs are. The colors vary greatly from what is on the box, but it is still intriguing. I do want to note that unlike some other kits the Momoko D-Style does not come with modified instructions to account for the new colors. It has standard blue Blade Liger instructions. The box reflects (similar) colors.

    Overall the kit has nice quality. The chrome is a very, very pale color, not really gold at all. An added layer of thickness means that they stay on better than most standard D-Style Bladeys.

- Box

- Gimmicks

    The cockpit flips open to reveal the pilot (unpictured). All of the bootlegs of D-Style Blade Liger I've found so far come with pilots the same as the official versions. The Dragon Momoko White Blade Liger has a toxic, neon canopy that is actually quite cool.

    The jaws open and close to a small range of motion. As you can see in my pictures, I shaved more off of the chrome than I should have. Even with the peg holes and the sides of the teeth shaved my Dragon Momoko liger won't keep his teeth in. Not sure if this can be fixed with more shaving, or what.

Shield Generator:
    Like all of these guys the top part of the mane is the only movable Shield Generator. There is no movable part in the bottom of the main.

Head and Neck:
    The neck is on a hinge that allows it to rotate up and down, while the head is on a ball joint that allows up, down, and sideways motion and tilting.

    The blades regrettably have no rotation at all, where they attach. The blade arm can rotate in the middle, forwards and backwards to a small extent, but to 'deploy' the blades you have to pull them out and attach them using the peg on the other side.

    The boosters on the back are on a single hinge that allows them to tilt towards the air. The same applies to the white armor cover over it.

    The tail is on a simple ball joint that allows it to tilt either way or tip up and down. The tail fins are not painted.