- Wind-Up Cyberbot Barigator

    This bootleg was sold fully assembled besides a few of the guns, packaged in clear plastic. It was a promotional item sold with a T-shirt (which unfortunately I don't have anymore, but it had nothing to do with Zoids.)

    As a bootleg you can expect poor quality. The plastic seems cheap and flimsy and the painting is a very thin layer. It varies dramatically in shade and doesn't reach the crevices in the armor, so these still appear gray-ish. Even so, the paint is quite nice looking in color, as a metallic-fleck paint.

    -Very unique color shades
    -Cool design in general, even if that's not the bootleg's doing

    -Paint is very uneven, and thin
    -Cheap plastic quality

- Gimmicks

Jaws and Cockpit:
    Amusingly the cockpit of the Barigator is inside the mouth, making it ... awkward, to try and maul any other Zoids. The cockpit opens backwards from the top of the head but when his mouth is stretched open you can see the pilot seat.

    Barigator's tail is articulated in three or four different places where it can rotate left or right, which is quite cool when the Zoid skitters along.

Back-mounted Missile Pack:
    The missiles are articulated separately, and can rotate up and down. The green attachment is also set on a peg so it can spin 360 degrees. The plastic used in the weapons tends to be kinda cheap and flimsy feeling.

Shoulder Guns:
    Two lasers atop the shoulders can also spin around, although they do slightly obstruct each other's articulation.