- Zoids Genesis Original Sound Track

    Zoids Genesis had a single sound track release. This includes most (but not all) of the background music and some of the TV-shorts for the theme songs. The book I had with mine has been damaged, so unfortunately this cover art is the only part of it that I had scanned at the time. The interior includes only a few pages, mostly filled with screenshots, and some advertisements for the DVD box sets on the back.

- Track List

01. Zoids Suite Chaos
02. Zoids Suite Oppression
03. Zoids Suite Awakening
04. Zoids Suite Attack
05. Zoids Suite Fight to the Death
06. Zoids Suite Peace
07. Murasame Liger Awakening
08. Murasame Liger Fight
09. Murasame Liger Agony
10. Anguish
11. Scenery
12. Evolt
13. Composure
14. Battle
15. Agony
16. Wandering
17. Invasion
18. Surge of Attacks
19. Sky and Earth
20. Family
21. Impending Crisis
22. Hometown
23. Life
24. Breath
25. Confrontation
26. Pursuit
27. Chat
28. Sky People's Suite Birth
29. Sky People's Suite To the Sky
30. Sky People's Suite People
31. Sky People's Suite Agony
32. Sky People's Suite Determination
33. Sky People's Suite To the Earth
34. Thoughts
35. Nighthawk's Dream TV SIZE EDIT
37. Lovin'U Just the Way You Are TV SIZE EDIT
38. That Clenched Hand TV SIZE EDIT
39. Aah, Invincible Group