- Chaotic Century Characters

    The manga for Chaotic Century uses a lot of the Zoids you remember, and replaces some others. It is also well known to create variations of Zoids, much like the animated series, and has quite a few that are unique to it alone. Below is an in-progress list of all the Zoids that can be found in the manga!

List of Zoid characters

    Cannon Tortoise
    Command Wolf (Republic Custom)
    Command Wolf (Zeke)
    Gustav (TarTar)
    Iron Kong
    Organoid (Shadow)
    Organoid (Zeke)
    Redhorn (Bandit Customs)
    Road Skipper
    Shield Liger (Caesar)
    Venomous Viper (Tornado)
    Zaber Fang
    Zaber Fang (Shadow) Incomplete