- Chaotic Century "Volume Five"

    Our group reaches the sea-side town of Porto, searching for information on the Zoid Eve. During their stay the city falls under attack from the Imperial Army who are looking for a Republican Spy. Raven shows up to further complicate the situation. Can our heroes stop the impending battle?

- Chapter 9 Scans

- Chapter 10 Scans

- Introduction

This information is the official text in the VIZ translation of the third volume. The parts in bold are changed from the earlier volume..


    Planet Zi orbits a sun sixty thousand light years from our Earth on the opposite side of galactic center. There, countless varieties of giant life forms with metal-based bodies --ZOIDS-- inhabit the world. The people of Zi took those lifeforms and altered them into beastly fighting machines, and the wars spread throughout the planet. When humans from Earth arrived in an enormous life-ship, they added their advanced technology to the warlike atmosphere causing a ZOID arms race.

    Some 40 years ago, a gigantic meteorite collided with Zi. Millions were killed and a large portion of a continent was sunk beneath the waves. The strike caused cataclysmic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions--much of Zi's history was buried beneath lava and dust. Now, in the remote region of the Elemia Desert, young Van finds a small dinosaur-type ZOID and a mysterious young girl while searching a ruin. The ZOID, Zeke, can merge with Van and also merge with other ZOIDS, boosting their power and combat abilities. The girl remembers that her name is Fiona, but nothing beyond that.

    Van, Zeke, and Fiona set out on a journey looking for adventure and clues to Fiona's memory. In their travels, they meet the cheerful saleswoman Moonbay and her Gustav ZOID, rogue ZOID pilot Irvine and his Venomous Viper Tornado, and the Shield Liger Caesar, which finally opens its heart to Van and allows him to become its pilot. But upon discovery of a dangerous ZOID artifact, Fiona has a vision of an impending disaster called ZOID-Eve! Now Van and his friends have to not only stop ZOID-Eve, but find out what the heck it is!

- Summary

Chapter 9; The Winds of the Port Town

    Thanks to Moonbay Van manages to find some new threads, and in return Zeke gets to help her out with attracting attention to their shop stall! This gives Van and Fiona some free time to go looking for libraries in the massive town of Porto, where they're hoping to find information on the Zoid Eve. Unfortunately, there are no results for their search and they end up running into Irvine, who is the brother of a young girl trying to help them.

    Before they can really get acquainted a wailing siren echoes through the town. It signals the arrival of a massive aircraft carrier Zoid who brings with it the Imperial Army. They say that they're after a spy, and as much as Van wants to defend the town, with so many townspeople around it would be a tragedy. He tries to leap into battle anyway but Raven crashes into Zeke with his own Organoid, and threatens to kill Wendeen if they do not comply.

- Summary

Chapter 10; To Everyone's Satisfaction

    The Imperial Army counts down the minutes as they wait for the prisoner to be delivered. Van and his friends must help to hold off the soldiers while also devising a plan to get Herman safetly to Republican Troops. If they can do that, he may be able to call back up to force the Imperial Army to retreat.

- Features

    Being a ZOIDS comic you can certainly expect the comic to have some Zoids in it! As such I've decided to compile a list of the zoids and the human characters that are found in each volume.

Human Characters


Zoid Characters

    Caesar (Shield Liger)
    Cannon Tortoise
    Iron Kong
    TarTar (Gustav)
    Tornado (Venomous Viper)
    Zeke (Organoid)