- Chaotic Century "Volume Four"

    The gruesome skirmish between Irvine and the bandits has dragged Van into holding the Shadow Key, a strange artifact being hunted by the bandits and wild Shield Liger alike. Can Van unravel the Wild Zoid's irrational actions, and save it from their attackers?

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* These scans are not of high quality due to some parts having to be edited to cover the spine distortions. If you are interested in higher quality images, please purchase the official VIZ Manga at your local bookstore or online web store.

- Extras

This information is the official text in the VIZ translation of the fourth volume.

The Zoids File:

The History of Planet Zi
    Planet Zi can claim only 300 years of recorded history. The time before is steeped in tribal conflict, natural disasters, and long-forgotten mysteries. Although Zi's historians are constantly updating their knowledge of Zi's past, here is a short timeline of what is known at present.

ZAC 1800: End of he Seismic Disasters

    The period of violent seismic activity, such as high-magnitude earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, comes to an end. The people of Planet Zi begin to live in a time of relative security.

Late 1800's: Disputes among the tribes of the Central Continent

    With a rapid growth of Zi's population, food becomes scarce, and violent conflicts break out among the 50 or so tribes on the Central Continent.

ZAC 1957: King Helic unites the Central Continent

    Chief of the Wind Tribe, Helic Murlowa, units the Central Continent, ends all tribal conflicts, and becomes the first king.

ZAC 1957: Helic II is born

    King Helic's first son is born and is named Helic II. His mother is also from the same Wind Tribe from which Helic emerged.

ZAC 1959: Zenevas is born

    King Helic's second son, Zenevas, is born. His mother is Helic's second wife, originally from the World-Core Tribe.

The First Age of Wars on the Central Continent

ZAC 1978: Helic II Becomes the First President of the Republic
    After the death of King Helic, Helic II dissolves the monarchy and becomes the president of the new republic. Zenevas becomes supreme commander of the armed forces.

ZAC 1978: Zenevas Forms the Empire
    The Republic's Assembly frames and prosecutes Zenevas, and he is exiled. Zenevas gathers the World-Core Tribe and founds an empire in the western part of the Central Continent.

ZAC 1980: The Outbreak of War on the Central Continent
    A border dispute in the Red River region heightens the already tense international situation. The First Continental War breaks out.

ZAC 2029: Humans Arrive
    An Earth Lifeship crash lands on the Central Continent, and as a result of human intervention, military technology rapidly advances.

ZAC 2030: Rollout of the ZOID Gojulas
    The Republic develops the first mass-produced Giant Battle ZOID, the Gojulas. War on Planet Zi, which had been previously been relatively mild, takes a leap towards the present style of brutal warfare.

The Second Age of Wars on the Central Continent

ZAC 2031: The First ZOID Arms Race
    Both forces pour all their resources into development, and one after another, new types of Battle ZOIDS are developed and improved.

ZAC 2032: Battle of Aldanne
    The first great battle of modern-style ZOIDS on Planet Zi. The Gojulas forces tip the balance, and the Republic comes out victorious.

ZAC 2032: Rollout of the Iron Kong
    The Empire produces its first mass-developed Giant Battle ZOID, Iron Kong. 150 Iron Kongs invide Republic territory and encounter 200 Gojulas in a pitched battle. The Gojulas are over-matched by the Iron Kongs.

ZAC 2034: The Second ZOID Arms Race
    Even more resources are poured into development of ZOIDS. Each new ZOID type becomes obsolete within a year.

ZAC 2037: Rollout of the Ultrasaurus
    The Republic completes development on the giant ZOID to be used as a decisive element in battle, the Ultrasaurus. Its enormous firepower completely out-classes the Iron Kong, and throws the Empire's strategists into chaos.

ZAC 2037: Battle of the Mark IIs
    The Empire's capture of an Ultrasaurus leads to the Iron Kong Mark II. And soon after, the Iron Kong MK. II is surpassed by the Republic's Gojulas MK. II

ZAC 2039: Fall of the Zenevas Capital
    The REpublic army, fronted by Ultrasaurus ZOIDS, enters the capital city of the Zenevas Empire. Zenevas himself is exiled to the Dark Continent.

The Third Age of Wars on the Central Continent

ZAC 2041: Revenge of Zenevas
    With the support of the Guylos Empire of the Dark Continent of Nyx, Zenevas leads an army of new ZOID types back to the Central Continent. His attack breaks through the Republic's front defensive lines.

ZAC 2042: Rollout of the Shield Liger
    With the variety of New ZOIDS in the Zenevas Empire's new army, the only Republic ZOID that can withstand the attack is the Shield Liger. For a long time, Shield Ligers hold the battle lines against the Empire Forces.

ZAC 2044: Rollout of the Death Saurer
    The Zenevas Empire completes development of their most powerful ZOID, the Death Saurer. In one stroke, the balance of power tips to the Empire's side.

ZAC 2044: Fall of the Republic Capital
    The capital city of the Helic Republic falls. Its citizens and soldiers retreat to the countryside and build a guerrilla resistance army.

ZAC 2046: President Helic is Married
    At eighty-nine years of age, the Republic's President Helic II marries Rosa, commander of the Home Defense Forces. The long lives of the ZOID Clan allow for marriage this late in life.

ZAC 2047: Upgrade of ZOIDS
    This is a period of rapid development of more and more powerful weaponry. Each side equips their ZOIDS with these new arms and sends them rapidly to the front.

ZAC 2048: Rollout of Mad Thunder
    The Republic finishes development of the Mad THunder, a ZOID meant to overpower the Empire's Death Saurer. The reemergence of the Republic begins.

ZAC 2048: Republic Retakes its Capital
    Exhausted with a 4-year long occupation of hostile territory and unable to defend against the Mad Thunder, the Empire forces retreat from the capital of the Republic.

ZAC 2051: Fall of the Zenevas Empire
    With a mass-produced Mad Thunder, the Republic forces capture of Zenevas capital. After almost a century, the Central Continent's civil wars come to an end.

ZAC 2051: Guylos Empire declares War on the Helic Republic
    The Guylos Empire encorperates remnants of the Zenevas armies into its own, and declares war on the war-weary Helic Republic.

ZAC 2052: Republic Armies Land on the Dark Continent
    Led by the Mad Thunder, the Repubic's forces create a beach-head on the Dark Continent, but they are faced by previously unknown Guylos ZOIDS and a pitched battle ensues.

ZAC 2053: Rollout of the Gilvader
    The enormously powerful flying ZOID Gilvader starts its attack on Republic forces. The Empire begins to gain ground on the Republic.

ZAC 2056: Rollout of the King Gojulas
    The Republic completes development of its largest and most powerful ZOID, the King Gojulas. The Republic Forces are on the verge of a final struggle with the Zenevas survivors and the Guylos Empire forces, but before it can happen an enormous meteorite strikes Planet Zi.

Catastrophe on Planet Zi

ZAC 2056: Collision with the Giant Meteorite
    An enormous meteor strikes one of Planet Zi's three moons. The moon breaks apart and its pieces fall to Planet Zi. The Central Continent is split into three sections, and a large section of the Dark Continent sinks beneath the waves. It becomes impossible to make war, and the conflict is halted before the final battle can be decided.

ZAC 2097: The Death of Emperor Guylos
    Funeral serves are held for the fearless warrior who united the Dark Continent under his rule and became their emperor. Prince Rudolph is declared Guylos's heir, and Regent Prozen is appointed Rudolph's guardian.

The Western Continental War Begins

ZAC 2099: The Guylos Empire Declares War on The Helic Republic
    Prozen takes control of both the Guylos army and its political assembly, declares war on the REpublic, and sends an occupation force to the Western Continent. The Republic follows suit by sending a contingent of forces to the Western Continent as well, and a new war begins.

- Summary

Chapter 7; Tears From The Heart

    Irvine's and Van's petty fighting has distracted them from the real threats looming near by. A bandit catches every member of our crew off guard when she takes Fiona hostage, losing the Shadow Key in the process. Thankfully, with relative ease the young girl is rescued back from the criminals, only for their interactions to once again be disrupted by the arrival of a wild Zoid.

    The Liger has every intention of demanding back the artifact that was stolen. In a cruel twist of fate, however, he's gunned down by a massive cannon shot from the near by Red Horn. As the crippled Zoid lies on the ground Van gives every effort to save him. Zeke's power is the Shield Liger's only chance, but this Zoid has had a hard life. He has no intention of opening up to just any pilot.

    Upon hearing Van's compassion for the Liger, Fiona uses her powers as an Ancient Zoidian to show the way. Suddenly Van finds himself in a different world -- In Caesar's memories. The memory of a pilot lost and promises never forgotten. It is Van's virtues as a Zoid Pilot, and Jadow's last wish that finally allows Van and Zeke to meld to the Shield Liger. The Zoid is restored, and in an instant he faces his enemies for combat.

Chapter 8; Tears From The Heart

    With Zeke's newly given power Ceasar rises. His improved strength allows him to easily dispatch the Red Horn that gunned him down before.

    Immediately after the battle Van and Fiona go to some ancient ruins, where the Shadow Key was found. Inside they stumble across a broken pod and something inside Fiona triggers memories of her past, telling her that she must find the Zoid Eve!

- Features

    Being a ZOIDS comic you can certainly expect the comic to have some Zoids in it! As such I've decided to compile a list of the zoids and the human characters that are found in each volume.

Human Characters

    Assorted Bandits

Zoid Characters

    Zeke (Organoid)
    Tornado (Venomous Viper)
    Caesar (Shield Liger)
    Shadow (Organoid)