- Chaotic Century "Volume Three"

    Van has departed from his home village, taking with him Zeke and Fiona. With Zeke as valuable as he is, there's little choice if he doesn't want to put his home town at risk. Unfortunately, they find the Elemia Desert to be much more unforgiving than they'd expected. Everything from dust devils to bandits, thieves, and even ferocious wild Zoids plague them in their travels.

    After meeting a rogue named Irvine, Van and Fiona must uncover the reason behind the Wild Zoid, and why it is hunting down Irvine. All the while, bandits are hot on their trail to find something that they feel should belong to them.

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- Chapter 5 Scans

* These scans are not of high quality due to some parts having to be edited to cover the spine distortions. If you are interested in higher quality images, please purchase the official VIZ Manga at your local bookstore or online web store.

- Chapter 6 Scans

* These scans are not of high quality due to some parts having to be edited to cover the spine distortions. If you are interested in higher quality images, please purchase the official VIZ Manga at your local bookstore or online web store.

- Introduction

This information is the official text in the VIZ translation of the third volume.

    Planet Zi orbits a sun sixty thousand light years from our Earth on the opposite side of galactic center. There, countless varieties of giant life forms with metal-based bodies --ZOIDS-- inhabit the world. The people of Zi took those lifeforms and altered them into beastly fighting machines, and the wars spread throughout the planet. When humans from Earth arrived in an enormous life-ship, they added their advanced technology to the warlike atmosphere causing a ZOID arms race.

    Some 40 years ago, a gigantic meteorite collided with Zi. Millions were killed and a large portion of a continent was sunk beneath the waves. The strike caused cataclysmic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions--much of Zi's history was buried beneath lava and dust. Now, in the remote region of the Elemia Desert, young Van finds a small dinosaur-type ZOID while searching a ruin. The ZOID, Zeke, can merge with Van and also merge with other ZOIDS, boosting their power and combat abilities. Beside the capsule from which Zeke emerged, Van finds another capsule that contains a strange young woman with telepathic connection to Zeke as well as with other ZOIDS. She remembers that her name is Fiona, but nothing beyond that.

    Van and Zeke successfully protect the vilage from a ZOID-hating pilot, Raven, but buildings are destroyed and the villagers suffer many losses. Van must make a decision: to stay in the village--the only life he has ever known--or venture into the world to discover the mysteries behind the origin of Zeke and Fiona.

- Summary

Chapter 5; The Desert Cyclone

    The Elemia Desert is a rough and unforgiving terrain. In their attempt to traverse it, Van and Fiona find themselves faced against a giant cyclone. Their options run low, and the group is forced to abandon their luggage for the narrow shelter that they can find. The luggage including their map and resources-

    Before they can return to open ground, a Venomous Viper breaks from the sand, right under their feet. Sporting a rude pilot, and a gun shot threat, the Viper wanders off. Infuriated by the pilot's rude manor, Van rushes after him for an apology- but he's stopped right away by the descent of an angry Redler. In spite of damage to the guns, the Venomous Viper displays an enormous talent in agility, and sinks the Redler out of the sky with a close range attack.

    Much to Van's confusion, the pilot emerges from the cockpit and demands that he hand of Zeke. A bandit could make great use of an Organoid, especially when he's got a Zoid to be healed.

    The bandit, Irvine, has become quite the popular target. Even a Dark Horn enters the frey, threatening to destroy the whole group if they don't give in to his demands. Much unlike the Zaber Fang they had fought previously, Van and Zeke quickly realize that the armor of the Dark Horn is nothing to scoff at. After they land only one hit, a gun shot takes them out of the battle.

    Before they can retaliate, the earth explodes into a sandy dust. A massive blue Liger lands before them, and belts out a ferocious roar.

Chapter 6; The Family Treasure

    The Zoid is wild, but it's operating on a mission. Instantly he turns to the Venomous Viper, and the bandit that pilots him. It takes no time for the Liger to bring down the Venomous Viper, and as soon as it crashes to the ground, Van and Zeke realize the Liger is without a pilot. A Zoid without a pilot can be merged to an Organoid, but in their attempt, Van learns his first real lesson about Zoids. A Zoid is a wild creature, and they have the right to reject the fusion of an Organoid.

    The angry Liger continues to tear down the Viper. With Fiona's suggestion, Van tries his luck with the Venomous Viper. Zeke's extra power gives it the speed to escape the wild feline, and the group returns to Irvine's acquaintence, Moonbey. He hands to her an item that he has stolen, and as tears well up in her eyes, the group realizes that this is no ordinary artifact.

- Features

    Being a ZOIDS comic you can certainly expect the comic to have some Zoids in it! As such I've decided to compile a list of the zoids and the human characters that are found in each volume.

Human Characters

    Assorted Bandits

Zoid Characters

    Zeke (Organoid)
    Tornado (Venomous Viper)
    Caesar (Shield Liger)