- Chaotic Century "Volume Two"

    Without any delay, you find the city in shambles, and the fierce battle still under way. Raven's Zaber Fang is back to life, and with a vengeance too ferocious for even Zeke to overcome. The battle quickly takes a turn for the worst, and just when matters are dim, one of the construction Zoids found in the city come to Van's rescue.

    In their one moment of mercy, Zeke flees the battle, taking Van to a mysterious young girl. She explains that she was in communication with Zeke. Not the "little one" which Van has become acquainted with, but the larger Zeke. His Father's Command Wolf, who had long since been assumed dead was still alive, and still sentient. She explained that Van must trust in Zeke, and his strength, and enter battle with the Zaber Fang.

    As the battle ensues, Van finds that Zeke is still paling in comparison to Raven's Zoid. There is one chance only, and that is the Command Wolf's final attack -- One which may cost the life of the Command Wolf Zeke, and his potential pilot. It was also the attack that ended his fathers life many years ago.

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- Chapter 3 Scans

* These scans are not of high quality due to some parts having to be edited to cover the spine distortions. If you are interested in higher quality images, please purchase the official VIZ Manga at your local bookstore or online web store.

- Chapter 4 Scans

* These scans are not of high quality due to some parts having to be edited to cover the spine distortions. If you are interested in higher quality images, please purchase the official VIZ Manga at your local bookstore or online web store.

- Introduction

This information is the official text in the VIZ translation of the second volume.

    In the farthest reaches of the galaxy, there is a planet, Planet Zi, sixty-thousand light years from our Earth. On Planet Zi, countless varieties of giant life forms with metal-based bodies -- ZOIDS -- inhabit the world. Mankind took those lifeforms and altered them into beastly fighting machines, and the wars spread throughout the world.

    Some 40 years ago, the worst of natural disasters hit -- a gigantic meteorite collided with Zi. It wiped out an entire portion of a populated continent and threw the rest of Zi's survivors, both human and ZOID, back into an earlier age. Now, in the remote region of the Elemia Desert, young Van wants to follow in his father's footsteps: become a ZOID pilot and protect the village. But Van's skills are not as developed as his father's, and his ZOID Zeke, a small dinosaur-type ZOID, doesn't seem to have the power of Van's father's Command Wolf. Besides, Zeke's birth -- from one of two large test-tube-like capsules -- means that Zeke hides mysteries that Van will have to discover!

    To the village comes Raven, a humorless young man with an interest in Van and Zeke. But as much as Van loves ZOIDS, Raven hates them, and Raven causes a Zaber Fang to ruthlessly attack the village, destroying ZOIDS, buildings, and lives. Van stops the Zaber Fang, but Raven melds with a ZOID named Shadow that is almost identical to Zeke, and enters the immobile Zaber Fang, and attacks the village all over again. Can Van and Zeke hope to defeat this unstoppable enemy?

Character Profiles:


    A young man who loves ZOIDS, and, more than anything, wants to be a ZOID pilot.

    A unique ZOID that came from a large capsule and has the ability to meld with Van.

    Van's sister, and the person who took care of Van as he grew up.

Van's Father and Zeke
    Van's father used to protect the village with his Command Wolf named Zeke. Many years ago, Van's father died in a ZOID battle.

    A level-headed clergyman for the village.

    A malicious young man who wants to see all ZOIDS dead.

    A mysterious ZOID that looks very much like Van's ZOID Zeke.

    A small capsule similar to the one that gave birth to Zeke. Zeke brought it with him from the ruins. What is in it is a mystery.

- Summary

Chapter 3; A Young Woman's Awakening - A ZOID'S Awakening

    The bloody battle that began in the last battle is still raging on when we resume. Raven has brought the Zaber Fang back to life, after melding with the Organoid SHADOW, and the Zoid's sudden blood lust as turned it into a locomotive. Now more powerful than ever, it takes on Zeke full force, and overwhelms the Zoid in no time. Van's sole survival depends on the Brachios that interferes with the battle, piloted by one of the village members.

    As the Brachios' neck is snapped by the crushing fangs of the Zaber Fang, Van's sister Maria rushes out to find him, only to be stopped by the Reverend. Across the town, Zeke hears an echoing voice beckoning him away from the battle field. With Van at his side he rushes towards the entity that summons him, and leads Van back to his father's Command Wolf, Zeke. There he meets a young girl, who has come from the capsule that Zeke carried back from the ruins. She explains that the looming Command Wolf has never died, but has merely watched over his father's grave. Zeke is still very much alive- and he is capable of taking on the Zaber Fang, if he can summon strength and aid from Van and little-Zeke.

    Heeding her warning, Van fuses with Zeke, and together they meld with the Command Wolf. In an instant, Zeke is brought back to life, and he takes his battle stance against the Zaber Fang.

Chapter 4; The Final Attack - A Father's Voice

    With renewed strength, the Commmand Wolf Zeke takes on the Zaber Fang in a battle to end it. Their conflict dredges into the city, and when Raven stops an electron fang dead on, Van begins to realize that his Zoid's strength isn't everything, and that a true pilot must know how to control their Zoid.

    The extensive strength of the Zaber Fang in close range combat, combined with Raven's strengths as a pilot begin to turn the battle against Van yet again. Raven continues to explain that his Organoid Shadow has the unique- and devastating ability to triple the power of a ZOID that he has melded with. In exchange, the defusion from that ZOID will result in the instant detonation and death of the ZOID.

    In a temporary awakening, Fiona shouts that Van must use Zeke's final attack. Instantly Van refuses. His ZOID's final strike, the "Ragnarok Fang", is the same attack that killed his father years ago, and had almost taken Zeke's life as well. In spite of this, Zeke registers the command. As he lays on the ground, smoking from the damages inflicted by his enemy, Van reconsiders his words. His father's voice rings in his memory, and he recalls the lesson spoken during his final moments. "A guy's got to protect the most precious things in life!!" But can Van listen to these life lessons, and cooperate with Zeke's willingness to give his own life, for the sake of the village?

- Features

    Being a ZOIDS comic you can certainly expect the comic to have some Zoids in it! As such I've decided to compile a list of the zoids and the human characters that are found in each volume.

Human Characters

    Dan Flyheight
    Maria Flyheight
    Unnamed Brachios Pilot
    Van Flyheight

Zoid Characters

    Boney (Small Wild ZOID)
    Shadow (Organoid)
    Zaber Fang
    Zeke (Organoid)
    Zeke (Command Wolf ZOID)