- Chaotic Century "Volume 14"

    Van's journey takes an unexpected direction when he's brought onto a giant castle in the sky; a living Zoid known as Horai! Introduced to Raven's twin brother, Donnie Chen, he begins to learn about the complicated history of Zoids and their enemies.

- Chapter 27 Scans

- Chapter 28 Scans

- Summary

Chapter 27; The Eve of Zoids

    Van is brought onto the ancient Zoid known as Horai to learn the truth about Zoid Eve. Here he meets Horai's caretaker, Donnie Chen, who hopes to explain the true severity of the situation that they've found themselves in.

Chapter 26;

    Coming soon!

- Features

    Being a ZOIDS comic you can certainly expect the comic to have some Zoids in it! As such I've decided to compile a list of the zoids and the human characters that are found in each volume.

Human Characters

    Dr. F

Zoid Characters

    Berserk Furher
    Death Saurer
    Death Stinger
    Geno Breaker
    Hammer Head
    Iron Kong Custom
    Organoid (Shadow)
    Organoid (Zeke)
    Stealth Viper
    Whale King
    * Unknown whale transporter