- Chaotic Century "Volume Thirteen"

    Van begins to encounter numerous challenges after the Death Stinger's defeat. Namely of moral questions! This is a series of side quests that build up to the grand finale.

- Chapter 25 Scans

- Chapter 26 Scans

- Summary

Chapter 25; Mountain of the Sun

    After the dispatched Death Stinger, Van is sent on a quest to retrieve a small Zoid. This machine was supposedly stolen but as his journey continues he uncovers a heart wrenching truth about its situation. It boils down to a question of morality, and if he can really retrieve the Zoid as instructed.

Chapter 26; Deep Red and Deep Blue

    Van is ditched in the middle of no where, just an unarmed Liger Zero to protect him. A frantic dash for the escaping Whale King lands him right in a battle against two other Liger Zeros, each with full armor! Who are these pilots?

- Features

    Being a ZOIDS comic you can certainly expect the comic to have some Zoids in it! As such I've decided to compile a list of the zoids and the human characters that are found in each volume.

Human Characters


Zoid Characters

    Liger Zero (Caesar)
    Organoid (Zeke)