- Chaotic Century "Volume Twelve"

    With the Death Stinger overwhelming our team a project to launch the newest build of Liger-type Zoid has gone underway! Whether or not they'll be able to launch the Zoid in time remains uncertain, or if it can stand against the terrifying power of the out of control Death Stinger.

- Chapter 23 Scans

- Chapter 24 Scans

- Summary

Chapter 23; Warrior Reborn

    Irvine has brought a brand new Zoid to the field, the Stealth Dragon. With its advanced E-Shield abilities he's able to hold off the Death Stinger while Melissa rushes a new Liger frame into battle ready conditions. The plan is to transplant the core of Caesar into this new frame in hopes it'll be strong enough to save their lives.

Chapter 24; True Strength

    Granted new strength by Oluga it is now time to see if Caesar can once again execute a miracle. This time, however, it's not just about defeating the enemy, but also about saving an innocent life that has been drawn into the chaos.

- Features

    Being a ZOIDS comic you can certainly expect the comic to have some Zoids in it! As such I've decided to compile a list of the zoids and the human characters that are found in each volume.

Human Characters

    Lily (Bird)

Zoid Characters

    Blade Liger (Caesar)
    Death Stinger
    Hover Cargo
    Liger Zero (Caesar)
    Organoid (Zeke)
    Stealth Dragon
    Storm Sworder S4