- Zoids VS III

    Zoids VS III was the sequel to Zoids VS II and the final installment in the series. Over all this game handles the same as the two preceeding but has been reimagined in many different ways.

    The first and perhaps most exciting change is the new ability to fly Zoids. Pteras, Storm Sworder, and other aerial types that were previously excluded have been added to the game while other pre-existing Zoids, such as Liger Zero Phoenix, have gained new Flying Unit option parts that will allow them to take to the skies. Should-be-aerials are not the only Zoids to be reimagined. Some former clunkers like the Dark Spiner have also been remodeled to be more competent in battle, sporting better weaponry than before and different motion styles.

    You can imagine there's quite a few new Zoids, but as all of these features add up there are some minor cut backs. Some variations, for example the Shield Liger LM-B have been cut from the game. In addition most Zoids have a maximum of three, sometimes four color schemes. Not all variations will have different optional color schemes. Even so, it's a minor price to pay for the number of additions. The Zoid selection is still immense and there are quite a few new pilots.


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