- Zoids Legacy

    Zoids Legacy is one of very few Zoids games to reach the united states. It follows the story of Zeru, a young man who has a mysterious past, and his equally mysterious companion, Juno. The world continues to be damaged by tears in the fabric of time and they must find out why, before it is too late.

    Zoids Legacy was originally released in Japan as Zoids Saga II. The games share only a couple of differences, such as one or two changes in when enemies can be encountered. They are otherwise the same and for all intents and purposes this guide will represent them both.

- Zoids Legacy Guides

    All of the available guides will be linked below. We likely won't have leveling information, but will include as much data as possible on the Zoids and Characters. Zoids guide will contain all of the different color images for each Zoid, while the Icon gallery will only include the basic color icons, to conserve space.

    - Character Guide
    - Game Maps
    - Game Play Guide
    - Icon Gallery
    - Walkthrough (Story)
    - Zoids Guide