- [Announcement] February 28th Maintenance Notice

    Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

    Maintenance was carried out from February 28th at 16:00 and ended at 0:00 on March 1st.

    The following contents are from today's maintenance.

- Maintenance Contents

    ● Application update to Ver 2.0.0

    ● VS Stage "Forest / Urban Area" in place.

    ● New player Zoid "Gojulas CA" added.

    ● New weapons "Assault Beam Gun" and "Smoke Discharger" added.
            * Assault Beam Gun is a Gojulas CA exclusive, and Smoke Discharger is a Command Wolf exclusive.

    ● Gojulas CA Set added to the Shop, along with Zoid Gold Extra Benefits.

    ● Increased Probability Special Container and Memory Container added to the Gacha Container Shop.

    ● Added Assault Beam Gun and Smoke Discharger to the Gacha Container Shop.

    ● Changed the SR Weapon Lineup provided from Drop Containers.

    ● New Normal Missions added.

    ● Special Booster Ticket for newcomers is selling for a limited time only, and is available only to new users (accounts less than 48 hours old)

    It has guaranteed SR weapons and pilots. For details, please see the news below.

    ● Strengthened the unique characteristics of each role.

    ● Adjusted the balance of combat. Please see below news for details.

    ● Added a third upgrade stage.

    ● Increased level limit depending on upgrade stage.

    ● New upgrade material "Memory Unit" has been added for the 3rd Upgrade stage.

    ● Combat changed so that Small Zoids will continue to appear even after base destruction.

    ● Added SPEC (Combat Strength) scores for each Zoid based on the combination of Zoid and its equipped weapons. VS Mode now matches based on SPEC instead of LP.

    ● The stats of Small Zoids, Bases, and Large Zoids now scale depending on the average SPEC of the teams matched.

    ● Damage to the headquarters changes depending on how much time has elapsed.

    ● Increased the amount of HP recovered while within the headquarters.

    ● Added a function to display a guideline in the direction that the Zoid is moving (so you can see what your firing direction is without activating a weapon.)

    ● Distributed commemorative gifts for the big update.

    ● Changed application icon.

    ● Corrected various bugs.

    * With maintenance, the Gojulas The Ogre Co-op event has ended.

- [VS Stage] Forest / Urban Area!

    Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

    Starting on January 11th, Thursday, after maintenance the VS stage has been switched to the "Forest / Urban Area"!

    During this period, the VS stage for "League Rank Battles" will randomly become the Forest or Urban Area.

    The Forest is set up on a stage with Forests (bushes), and when entering the forest, player Zoids won't be displayed on enemy mini maps. You can use various tactics in the forest such as hiding and using it for stealth as needed.

    In the "Urban Area" buildings cover the stage, so the map is partitioned and movement routes are limited. This means there's a low degree of freedom and it greatly affects the movement range of both Zoids and their attacks.

    Please, by all means, enjoy battling in the Forest and Urban Area!

- Duration

    February 28th, 2018 After maintenance (March 1st) ~ March 9th, 2018 Maintenance

    * Matching won't be possible for 20 minutes before maintenance on January 16th.

- Points of Combat

  • Let's take advantage of bushes in the Forest stage! When players enter the forest, they won't be displayed on the enemy mini map. Let's take advantage of the forest map characteristics to their fullest, such as organizing tactics for waiting and ambushing enemy player Zoids, to moving through the bushes to move up to enemy bases.

  • Let's take advantage of the limited movement routes! In this stage, the movement routes are limited by the buildings that partition the map. Let's try to prevent enemy attacks by successfully using the buildings, and cooperate with allies to corner enemies.

    - Regarding Battle Participation

        You can participate in battle by proceeding to BATTLE > VS > League Rank Battle. League Rank Battles in VS mode will randomly match 8 players. During this period, you can challenge battles on the Urban Stage as many times as you like.

    - Notes

        * In VS Mode, the Forest / Urban Area aren't optional.

        * Battle rules are the same as normal VS Mode.

        * The drop rate of containers and the weapons provided within are the same as normal VS mode.

        * If you leave the room at any point due to communication errors, disconnections, etc., it'll be counted as a loss.

    - Gojulas CA & A New Weapon Appear!

        Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

        After the maintenance on February 28th, the new Zoid "Gojulas CA" will be added to the shop lineup, and the new weapons "Assault Beam Gun" and "Smoke Discharger" will be added to the lineup for the Gacha Container Shop.

        Gojulas CA is a powerful player Zoid with high specifications and high Commander performance. The special weapon "Assault Beam Cannon" can emit four beams in three different directions, attacking a wide range of enemies. As a commander who dominates the lane, it'll be possible to become more active with this weapon. Please, try playing the game and check out its performance!

        You can purchase Player Zoids by going to SHOP > Zoid Body / Coloring, then you can proceed to the Zoid's purchase screen.

        Also, the new weapons added at this time will be provided from the Gacha Container > Gacha Container Shop.

    Gojulas CA
    Role: Commander
    Explanation of Machine
        A high speed mobility / dinosaur type with armor that has a built in beam gun. A single machine that's great at melee combat in the Republican Army, and has a history of being given to ace pilots.

        The name CA is said to mean "Coincedental Advent." It's often used when defining "subspecies" by officials, and it has many features in common with the Gojulas. While it's an individual belonging to another line, it's said that it eventually became known by this name.

        However, when it comes to the "CA" used to identify the subspecies, different mechanics consider it to stand for "Coincedental Architecture" though it's believed that its exact definition is unknown.

        Although it's a commander type that strengthens Small Zoids, it's also a high-spec Zoid with high fighting power.

        All together it holds a lot of high-level parameters, although it's not the best at close combat. Because of the high installation cost, it's easy to equip depending on the field and the player's way of fighting.

        It's eye catching as a difficult machine to bring down, and you can keep fighting without falling against similar levels of attack. Depending on the evolutionary path, it's difficult to bring down even for a top class Zoid. However, being difficult to bring down can also be a disadvantage. It's in danger of taking severe damage and being shot down in the blink of an eye from concentrated enemy gunfire. Especially since the Commanders have many opportunities to come in contact with enemy Small Zoids, so you should want to avoid situations where you'll be surrounded, and not go too far ahead.

        As a commander with, with its ability to support Small Zoids, turning them into an impregnable force, it's vital to leading the front lines.

        Furthermore, if you equip the exclusive weapon "Assault Beam Gun" you can attack more than one enemy direction while standing in a single lane, making it even more active as a Commander.

        The Zoid itself is strong, but it can be reinforced further by utilizing the Small Zoids, which is the exact role of the Commander.

        ◇ Gojulas CA Additional Normal Missions

    Mission: Gojulas CA Pilot①Mission Reward:
    Let's win 30 VS mode battles with Gojulas CA (Basic Form)!Title
    Memory Chip D x1
    Mission: Gojulas CA Master①Mission Reward:
    Let's win 30 VS mode battles with Gojulas CA (Basic Form)!Title
    Memory Chip D x3
    Mission: Single Unit Melee Combat①Mission Reward:
    Let's level Gojulas CA up to level 20!Title
    Memory Bank D x1

        * Once the mission is achieved it will disappear.

    - Introduction of New Weapons ①

        Assault Beam Gun [SR] is a weapon dedicated to the Gojulas CA.

        The Gojulas CA's built-in weapon is a free attribute. It fires beams from four different beam guns at once for a total of four shots, with x2 back guns, as well as one on the left and right side of the chest. The two beam cannons on the back fire forward while the left and right are shot to either side respectively, so it's possible to attack 3 different directions simultaneously.

        Since the beam fires right through enemy units and obstacles, it can attack multiple units with a single shot. In addition, every single beam has its own individual damage judgement, so depending on how it's used, it can hit up to four times.

        For the Gojulas CA moving down the lane with its small units, as the commander, it's a perfect weapon to rule the lanes.

        However, it could be the said that the range isn't very far, and since there are large gaps in time where it can't be fired, it's good to use other long range weapons as well.

    - Introduction of New Weapons ②

        Smoke Discharger [SR] is a weapon dedicated to the Command Wolf.

        The Smoke Discharger is the Command Wolf's built-in free attribute weapon.

        It emits a special smoke curtain from the barreled smoke dischargers to conceal itself.

        During the stealth, the unit becomes translucent and difficult to see, as well as being able to avoid lock-on and thus made difficult to target. It has many merits.

        There are also restrictions and cancellation conditions, so stealth may be accientally canceled if you don't have a good grasp of it.

        It has become a special weapon with all new effects, which have the possibility of completely changing the strategy.

        * Level is fixed at 1.
        * Additional defense power rises as EX level goes up.

        [About Stealth]
         ● Effects occur when in use
         ● User icon disappears from enemy mini maps
         ● It seems translucent for enemy players, but its outline is emphasized to yourself and your allies.
         ● Buff and debuff effects disappear for enemy players (meaning the glow, not stat changes)
         ● Can't be locked on from enemy player Zoids
         ● Enemy Small Zoids, Large Zoids, Bases, and Headquarters search range is lowered.
         ● Stealth Release Conitions: Fixed time elapse, 2 or more attacks, being hit, returning to headquarters.
         * The releasing time is when the effects end.

    - [Gacha] Memory Container Release!

        Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

        Starting from Wednesday, February 28th after maintenance (March 1st), the Memory Container was added to the Gacha Container Shop.

        Both the Memory Banks and the new Memory Units are offered, both of which are necessary for upgrading. They also offer more metal than the conventional gacha container.
        * Memory Chips are not offered.

        It's a gacha container just for strengthening Zoids so that you can get upgraded materials and the metal required for level ups.

    - Price

    TypePriceMetal Offered
    3 Items700 Zoid Gold30,000 Metal
    1 Item * 1 Time Per DayPAID 200 Zoid Gold15,000 Metal

    - Duration

        * It's a gacha container that can be used regularly.

    - Notes

        * Memory Banks and Memory Units are also provided from the drop containers available in VS Mode and Hard mode of Co-op missions "Destroy Enemy Base!" "Destroy Enemy Large Zoid!" "Destroy Enemy Headquarters!"

    - [Limited Time Only!!] Probability Up Special Container!

        Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

        From Wednesday, February 28th after maintenance (March 1st), we're holding a "Probability Up Special Container" in the Gacha Container Shop.

        When opening containers purchased in the Gacha Container Shop, the probability of getting all SR weapons, sub pilots, and large Zoids is high.

        In addition, the new weapon, the Smoke Discharger [SR] *Command Wolf exclusive and the Assault Beam Gun [SR] *Gojulas CA exclusive are also added.

    - Duration

        February 28th, 2018 (Wed) after maintenance ~ March 9th (Fri) until maintenance.

    - Probability of Items

    ItemOverall OddsIndividual Item Odds
    Weapon (R)68.80% (+8.8%)1.60%
    Weapon (SR)18.00% (+3%)0.38%
    Sub Pilot12.00% (+2%)0.67%
    Large Zoid1.20% (+0.20%)0.20%

    - Notes

        * The probability of providing SR weapons, Sub pilots, and Large Zoids is higher for containers opened with "Premium Ticket (Gold)" and "Set Items."

        * Containers opened with the "Weapon Gacha Ticket R" and "SR Weapon Gacha Tickets" will be excluded from the pickup.

    - [Limited Time Only!!] Extra Zoid Gold Sold In Sets

        Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

        Starting from Wednesday, February 28 after maintenance, we'll be selling "Zoid Gold With Extra Bonus Sets" for a limited time in the Shop.     The Zoids Gold With Extra Bonus Set can be purchased from the Zoids Gold purchase screen of the shop. Each person may only purchase each set once. Don't miss this limited time opportunity!

    - Sales Period

        February 28th, 2018 (Wed) after maintenance ~ March 19th, 2018 (Mon) until maintenance.

    - Product Content

    Product NamePricePaid ZGExtra (Free ZG)
    Zoid Gold 3000 + Extra3000 Yen3000500
    Zoid Gold 4800 + Extra4800 Yen4800900
    Zoid Gold 9800 + Extra9800 Yen98001900

    - How To Buy

        You can purchase the Zoid Gold Extra Sets by going to SHOP > Zoid Gold.

    - [Limited Time Only!!] Gojulas CA Set is on sale!

        Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

        Starting from Wednesday, February 28th (Wed) after maintenance, the Gojulas CA Set will be on sale for a limited time in the shop.

        The Gojulas CA Set is a purchaseable set that can be bought only once per person. It contains various items at reasonable prices, and can be bought in the Zoid purchase screen of the shop. It'll also give the Gojulas CA basic form.

        For this set we also have an exclusive color for the Gojulas CA set. Don't miss this opportunity for a limited time!

    - Sales Period

        February 28th (Wed) after maintenance ~ March 9th (Fri) until maintenance.

    - Set Contents

        Price: 3,000 Zoid Gold
    Gojulas CA Set
    Gojulas CA (Basic Form) x1
    Dedicated Color x1
    Metal x100,000
    10 Piece Container x1
    Repair Kit x10

    - Item Odds From 10 Piece Container

        Please check the rates of different items in the following table. When purchasing set items, please confirm the ratio of these items well in advance.
    ItemOverall OddsIndividual Item Odds
    Weapon (R)68.80% (+8.8%)1.60%
    Weapon (SR)18.00% (+3%)0.38%
    Sub Pilot12.00% (+2%)0.67%
    Large Zoid1.20% (+0.20%)0.20%

    - How To Buy

        You can buy by going to SHOP > Zoid Body / Coloring > Set Purchase, where you can purchase the Gojulas CA Set.

        You can purchase the Gojulas CA Set by tapping the "Purchase 1/1" button. After buying, all items besides the 10 Piece Containers will be directly awarded. After that, you'll move on to the opening screen of the 10 Piece Container.

        * Metal isn't offered for the 10 Piece Container from the set.

    - Notes

        You can only purchase the Gojulas CA Set once, and it cannot be re-purchased.

        * The maximum number of Zoids you can possess is 100. Please note that it's not possible to purchase the Gojulas CA Set if you've already reached your maximum number of Zoids.

        * Items from the 10-Piece Container is the same probability as the "Probability Up Special Container" currently being held, aside from the metal.
    - [For Newcomers] "Special Booster Ticket" General Sale Start!

        Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

        Starting from Thursday, March 1st, we'll begin a general sale of "Special Booster Tickets" for new pilots, for a limited time only.

    - Special Booster Ticket

    Price1500 Zoid Gold
    PurchaserAll Users
    Purchase Limit1 Per Person
    Contents● Premium Ticket Effect for 7 Days
    ● Metal x50,000
    ● Repair Kit x16 ● x2 of Each Memory Chip (A ● S ● E ● D ● N)
    ● 10 Piece Gacha Container
        * 1 Sub Pilot Confirmed
        * Exclusive SR Weapons Confirmed: Double Impact, Pulse Four, Twelve Five (Left)
        * x2 Final SR Weapons Confirmed

        "Special Booster Ticket" is a great ticket for newcomer pilots who are just starting to play the game. Out of the 10 pieces from the container, three dedicated SR weapons are guaranteed, along with one sub-pilot and two other SR weapons!

        In addition, you can get various amounts of metal, repaior kits, memory chips, and the effect of a Premium Ticket for 7 days.

        [Part of the Premium Ticket Effect] The limit for Support Containers will increase from 2 to 4, and metal rewards for winning battles in VS mode will increase.

        This ticket is available for a limited time, and is only available once per person.

        This ticket will be sold until Friday, March 9th, and will otherwise only be sold for new users, for the first 48 hours after registration. So don't miss this opportunity!

    - Sales Period

        February 28th (Wed) 2018, after maintenance ~ March 9th (Fri), 2018, until maintenance (All users.)

        * After Friday, March 9th, it will only be sold to newly registered users within 48 hours of creating their accounts.

        * After Friday, March 9th, even those who created accounts before maintenance can purchase, as long as it's still within their first 48 hours.

    - Sub-pilots Provided

        One of the following pilots will for sure to provided.

    Sub Pilot Name
    Vance Radford
    Trinity Sinclair
    Allen McClellan
    Sean Muirhead
    Duane Bertoni
    Dean Faraday
    Fern Kimberly
    Rosario Livingston
    Sophia Bridget
    Catalina Thales
    Jim Harrelson
    Daisy Stormer
    Logan Heimdalle
    Saori Crystal
    Kay Primrose
    Sophia Bridget (Winter Clothes Ver.)
    Catalina Thales (Winter Clothes Ver.)
    Trinity Sinclair (Winter Clothes Ver.)

    Exclusive SR Weapons Provided

        The following SR weapons are guaranteed.
        - Double Impact
        - Pulse Four
        - Twelve Five (Left)

    SR Weapons Provided

        Two of the following SR weapons will be guaranteed, and randomly selected.

    Weapon NameZoid Limitation
    Double ImpactShield Liger
    Hybrid Vulcan CannonDark Horn
    AZ 30mm Armor Piercing Laser VulcanShadow Fox
    High Performance Long Range RifleAll Zoids
    Dual Sniper RifleAll Zoids
    Twelve Fire (Left)Gordos
    Twelve Five (Right)Gordos
    CW Exclusive Long Range RifleCommand Wolf
    2 Shot Pulse Laser GunIron Kong PK
    Pulse Laser Rifle SAll Zoids
    Pulse FourGeno Saurer
    Pulse Laser Rifle (LS)Lightning Saix
    Small Double Impact Cannon S (Left)All Zoids
    Small Double Impact Cannon S (Right)All Zoids
    Double Buster CannonAll Zoids aside from Iron Kong PK
    Long Range CannonAll Zoids aside from Iron Kong PK
    Long Buster CannonAll Zoids aside from Iron Kong PK
    Iron FinSaber Tiger
    Hyper Rolling CannonGunbluster
    Pulse CannonZeek Dober
    6 Shot Missile LauncherAll Zoids
    Red Eyes (Left)Red Horn
    Red Eyes (Right)Red Horn
    10 Shot Self-Guided Rocket LauncherIron Kong
    17 Shot Assault GunsDibison
    Heavy RainDibison
    AZ Tactical MissileIron Kong
    ST Dedicated Strike ClawSaber Tiger
    Blade AttackBlade Attack
    Ex BreakerGeno Breaker
    Beam Generator Built-in TusksMammoth
    Strike Laser ClawShadow Fox
    HellblazerZeek Dober
    Strike Laser Claw (LZ)Liger Zero
    E Shield PartsShield Liger
    Electric FangerKonig Wolf
    High Power Acceleration PartsLightning Saix
    Large HP Repair UnitGordos
    E Shield ShotElephander
    Charged Particle GunGeno Saurer
    Smoke DischargerCommand Wolf
    All Weather RadarDimetrodon
    Charged Particle Gun (GB)Geno Breaker
    Charged Particle Gun (BF)Berserk Furher
    Assault Beam CannonGojulas CA
    HP Reinforcement Parts (Large)All Zoids
    Armor Reinforcement Parts (Large)All Zoids

    - How To Buy

        You can purchase tickets by going to SHOP > Tickets > Special Booster Ticket.

        After purchase, you can use the ticket by going to MENU > Owned Tickets > Special Booster Ticket.

    - Notes

        * The expiration date of premium tickets expires even during maintenance. Furthermore, we cannot compensate premium tickets consumed during maintenance.

        Containers that are provided using the Special Ticket are not subject to the pick-up gacha container being held in the Shop.

        Sub pilots and SR weapons provided and guaranteed may overlap the normal items from the 10 Piece Container.

    - [Important] Balance Adjustments Accompanying The Large-scale Update

        Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

        Starting from Wednesday, February 28th, we'll be informing you of the balance adjustments which were carried out during maintenance.

    - Balance Adjustment Details

    ◇ Strengthening the characteristics of each role.
        We've reviewed the balance of each role during battle, and have made the following adjustments so that roles can be better clarified.

        ■ Commander:
        Focusing on the effects regarding ally Small Zoids.
        ● Increased the effects of their role.
        ● Increased the boost to ally Small Zoid HP.
        ● Increased the anti-Zoid damage of ally Small Zoids.
        ● Increased the damage from ally Small Zoids to enemy Small Zoids.

        ■ Fighter:
        Improved their damage to enemy small Zoids and Large Zoids.
        ● Increased the damage to enemy Small Zoids.
        ● Added an effect to increase damage against enemy Large Zoids.
        ● Added an effect to reduce the damage from enemy Small Zoids.
        ● Added an effect to reduce damage from enemy Large Zoids.

        ■ Destroyer:
        Adjusted their specialization for anti-player Zoid combat.
        ● Increased the Anti-Zoid damage effect.
        ● Added an effect to decrease Destroyer's Anti-base attack.
        ● Added an effect of reducing Destroyer's Anti-Small Zoid damage.

        ■ Supporter:
        Increased the effects and scope of what's granted to teammates, as well as added new properties.
        ● Increased the HP boost to nearby ally Zoids.
        ● Increased the defense boost to nearby ally Zoids.
        ● Added an effect of increasing its own damage to bases.
        ● Added an effect of increasing its own damage against Large Zoids.
        ● Added an effect of reducing damage from Large Zoids.
        ● Added an effect of reducing damage from all roles.

        In addition to the above changes to the characteristics of each role, we've made the following adjustments.

    ◇ Adjustment to Player Zoid Statistics.

        In accordance with the strengthening of each role's characteristics, each player Zoid's stats have also been adjusted in accordance with their role.

        In particular, we adjusted the damage to opponent Zoids, Small Zoids, and bases to be determined by their role types and characteristics, which were previously heavily dependent on individual Zoids.

        Also, with the addition of the third upgrade stage, we'e also adjusted the stats of each Zoid.

    ◇ Changed the specifications of weapon EX levels.

        Previously, the parameters of weapon EX levels were set to rise based on a fixed value for each rarity, and some weapons were better or worse.

        In this change we've eliminated the distinction for each rarity and changed it so that the increase is based on the weapon's original parameters instead.

        By doing so, the features of each weapon will become more apparent and useful while we also suppress the extreme bias towards certain weapon's performance.

    ◇ Adjust stats of weapons.

        We've adjusted the initial values of certain weapons based on the Weapon EX Level changes. In addition, we've changed the following weapons for balancing reasons.

    Weapon NameAdjustment Notes
    HellfireDecreased Anti-Zoid and Anti-Small Zoid attack power.
    Hybrid Vulcan CannonAdjusted range, Increased Anti-Zoid and Anti-base attack power.
    Twelve Five (Left & Right)Decreased the Anti-Zoid attack power.
    Pulse FourAdjusted damage to enemy Zoids.
    Long Buster CannonDecreased anti-base attack power.
    SL Exclusive Triple Impact CannonIncreased firing count to 3.
    DiabloIncreased firing speed. Increased firing count to 3.
    Hyper Rolling CannonExtended the damage occurrence intervals (deals damage less frequently.)
    ST Dedicated Strike ClawIncreased the odds of enemy Zoid knockdown, increased attack power.
    High Power Acceleration PartsAdded additional defense power.
    Charged Particle GunIncreased Anti-Zoid attack power.
    Charged Particle Gun (GB)Increased Anti-Zoid attack power.
    Armor Reinforcement Parts
    (Small - Medium - Large)
    Reduced the equipment cost.

        We'll continue to work on improving balance and changes to the system, so that our customers will be able to fight and have fun.

        Also, when making adjustments / changes, we'll try to describe the contents in great detail, and be careful not to worry our users.

    - [Ver 2.0.0] Large Scale Update!

        Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

        On March 1st, the application was updated to Ver 2.0.0 following maintenance.

        At this time, many new features and changes have been implemented with this large-scale update.

        ● Reinforced the characteristics of each role.

        ● Adjusted the balance of battle.

        ● Added a third stage of upgrade.

        ● Increased the level limit with each upgrade stage.

        ● Added new material, "Memory Unit" for upgrading.

        ● Combine the Zoid and Weapons to create "SPEC" (Combat Strength), which will now determine how battles are matched, instead of LP.

        ● Changed the parameters of Small Zoids, Bases, and Large Zoids to scale according to the average SPEC values of those matched.

        ● Small Zoids will now continue to appear even after the base has been destroyed.

        ● Damage given to headquarters now adjusts depending on how much time has passed.

        ● Increased the HP recovery amount while sitting in headquarters.

        ● Added a guideline visual in the direction you're traveling.

        ● Changed the application icon.

        Make the best use out of the characteristics of each Zoid to make the battle more exciting. For details, please see the respective news posts.

        Also, in commemoration of the large update, we've given all users:

        ● Metal x100,000
        ● Memory Unit (A ● S ● E ● D ● N)
        ● Win 3 Pieces of Memory Ticket

        These have been sent to the Present Box. Both materials given will be used for upgrading Zoids, so please use them.
        * The distribution deadline of the large update commemoration gifts will be until 23:59 on Saturday, March 31st, 2018.

    - About Upgrade Changes

        A third stage of upgrade has been added. The third stage will be available to all existing Zoids. In addition, the third stage will be available for all newly-introduced player Zoids that will appear, including the future Gojulas CA.

    ◇ Increased the upper level limit for each upgrade type.
        ● First Stage: Level 50 → Level 55
        ● Second Stage: Level 50 → Level 60
        ● Third Stage: Level 50 → Level 65

        There's no change to the upper level limit of the basic form.

    ◇ Added the new material "Memory Unit" for upgrading.

        The Memory Unit is required for the third stage of upgrade.

    Memory Unit (A)Memory Unit (S)Memory Unit (E)Memory Unit (D)Memory Unit (N)

        They're available from Drop Containers when winning VS Mode and the HARD mode of the Co-op missions: Destroy the enemy base! Destroy the enemy Large Zoid! Destroy the enemy headquarters!

        It is available from Drop Container (Super.) You can also get it by using Memory Containers, which have been permanently added to the Gacha Container Shop.

    - About the SPEC Display (Fighting Power)

        By combining the strength of Zoids and Weapons, its been made possible to display SPEC, a representation of the Zoid's total combat power.

        You can check the home screen, LAB > BATTLE > at the battle start screen.
        SPEC is a numerical representation of a Zoid's strength. The SPEC value varies depending on the parameters of the Zoid such as level, EX level of weapons, and the combination of Zoid and weapons.

        SPEC can be changed by changing weapons around in LAB > Equip Weapons.
        * SPEC will be 0 when no weapons are equipped.

        SPEC is used in the following scenes.

    ◇ Matching is performed using SPEC instead of LP.

        When matching for VS mode or Co-op, players are matched by SPEC rather than LP. By doing this, you'll match with parties with similar Zoid strength. Also, be changing the combination of Zoids and weapons, users can change the matching levels by themselves.

        * The width of SPEC matching for VS mode may be different from Co-op mode.
        * In a friend match battle there's no restriction on SPEC.

    ◇ The parameters of Small Zoids, Bases, and Large Zoids scale depending on the average SPEC.

        When matching in VS Mode, the parameters of Small Zoids, Bases, and Large Zoids now change according to the average SPEC of the matched users.

        WAs the average SPEC value increases, these parameters increase proportionately.

    There's no change in Co-op.

    - Small Zoids Appear After Bases Are Destroyed

        Even after a base is destroyed, we've changed it so that small Zoids will still appear from the base site.

        W With this, the roles of Commanders and Fighters will still be important even after the base is destroyed.

    * The stats of small Zoids that appear after destroying the base are not any different from before the base was destroyed.

    - Damage To Headquarters Changes Over Time

        Damage to the headquarters now changes with the passage of time in VS Mode.

        At the start of battle, the headquarters will be adjusted to take less damage. This adjustment decreases over time, until after a certain amount of time, normal damage is given. With this, it becomes more difficult to target the headquarters immediately after the start of the battle.

    - Increased HP Recovery Rate In Headquarters

        HP recovery within the headquarters has increased. HP will be able to recover in a shorter time and the benefit of returning to base will be greater.

    - Guidelines Added In The Direction Of Travel

        Guidelines now appear in the direction that the player Zoid is facing. You can check the current attack direction without having to press a weapon button.

    - [Important] Matching Changes On March 1st

        Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

        After updating on February 28th (Wed) we've received a lot of comments saying that users with a large difference in SPEC are matching.

        Therefor, slightly after 20:15 today, we've changed the settings to narrow the matching search width.

        * The settings that were changed are already reflected in game.

        We're aiming for a better gameplay environment, and we may adjust the matching settings in the future so that it'll be an appropriate value of "SPEC" depending on the situation. Thanks for your understanding.

    - Notes

        * Co-op settings haven't changed.

    - [Important] Announcement of Data Update on Friday, March 2nd

        Thank you as always for using ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELLION.

        We've confirmed that the power of the SL Exclusive Impact Cannon exceeded the assumed power when we increased the number of shots to 3.

        So, we'll be updating the data at 21:15 today, and will carry out a balance adjustment.

        When it hits 21:15, please return to the title screen and update the data beforehand.

        * If data update is issued during gameplay, you'll be sent to the title screen.

        Regarding the adjustment, please look below.

    - Data Update Contents

        Anti-Zoid, Anti-Small Zoid, and Anti-Base attack power has been downgraded.

        SPEC value adjusted to account for the attack power depending on the number of shots.

        In the future we'll be happy to update the game in order to make balance adjustments. To improve the game system, etc. etc. We appreciate your cooperation.

    - Notes

        * When data update is issued, you'll be sent to the title screen.

        * Customers who haven't accepted the data update will be sent to the title screen.