- Zoids Field of Rebellion

    Zoids Field of Rebellion is a mobile MOBA game released on April 18th, 2017. The game focuses around the concept of overtaking enemy bases by making use of your Zoids unique advantages, combat roles, and weapon types. The game started with a highly controversial advertising campeign with realistic-styled images and no mention of what the project was, which lead many to believe that it'd be something far more significant than a mobile game.

    Nonetheless, the gameplay itself is more advanced than the mobile games we've seen before from the series. It also has the benefit of being able to pilot the Zoid for yourself, instead of just being a static image on screen with a little bit of button option selecting.

    During the early stages there are some balance issues that obviously need to be addressed. Including that there's currently no way to obtain Zoids gold besides direct purchase, which also has no buyer benefits for larger translations (something common in mobile games.)

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