Submissions & Inquiries

    For many years the essence of Zoids has been to Build, Customize, Mobilize! The Iron Bible is very interested in expanding our models section to include custom works of the sites visitors and even our own. We've decided to add this page early as a way for people to contribute and will hopefully begin posting our projects soon.

What defines a custom?

    Anything that sets it apart from the stock kit! A change of weaponry, a repaint, or even a built from the ground up custom! It doesn't even have to consist of 100% Zoids parts, so long as it is designed to be a Zoid. We will discriminate against no kinds of customs.

- Submitting Customs

    Custom Zoids can be submitted to the site by sending details to

    There are a few details that it helps to include. If you want you can write your own page from the ground up! We'll give tips for page formatting below if you're interested in controlling how the custom is uploaded to the page. Otherwise we may adjust images and formatting manually.

    This goes without saying but all customs must be your original work. It is not acceptable to send in customs that you find on the web.

Submission Details:
    - Zoid Name: What you want your kit to be referred to.
    - Customizer Name: What you want to be referred to as.
    - Customizer Site: This can be a blog, personal site, etc. Optional.
    - Photos: There must be photos, not just a description!

Adding Details:

    We understand people like to go into a lot of detail with their customs. You are free to add as much commentary, and even write the whole page yourself if you like! If writing your own details please put in brackets what images you want posted where. If you post multiple images in the same lines they will be thumbnails. For example.

    "This is the Strike Laser Claw pose!"
    [Image 1][Image 2]

    You can also choose the header placment if you wish! Headers are the fancy separator bars that we use. The large gray bar we use on most pages is H1 and the tiny thin line (like in the news posts) is H2.

Build Reviews and Secondary Pages:

    Build reviews of your kit are acceptable, even encouraged! You do not have to worry about too many pictures. We will host as many pictures and details about your kit as you wish! If you prefer, we can split custom pages up into two different pages, one for the build review and one for the finished custom. Just let us know what you want to do.

    Including video is just fine, but we prefer it be hosted on youtube to minimize buffering time.