- HMM CP-020: Type Zero CAS (Pearl Version)

    The Pearl armor for Liger Zero replaces all of the white armor on the Zoid with a special 'pearl' color. The difference isn't easily spotted at first glance but compared to one another the pearl armor is closer to a blue tone and has a very, very faint sparkly sheen to it. This is unfortunately barely visible.

    In all actuality this CP has two releases. It was released first on its own but later was included in a box set that included all previously released Liger Zero CPs as well as a couple of new ones that were exclusive to the box. This review is for the original one.

Customize Part Includes:
    - HMM Liger Zero O Sprue
    - HMM Liger Zero P Sprue
    - HMM Liger Zero Q1 Sprue x2
    - HMM Liger Zero Q2 Sprue x2