- CP-04 Attack Unit

    CP-04 is best recognized for its role on the Command Wolf AC. It's an awesome and believable weapon, with more gimmicks than a lot of others. Of course, this unit was developed for the Command Wolf, but the instructions note that it can also be compatible with the Stealth Viper, Barigator, and Cannon Tortoise.

- Instructions


Attack Unit
    The attack unit is on a peg that can swivel around. While I've only tested on the Command Wolf, I'm fairly sure that the same would apply to other Zoids. The weapon also has a hinge right on the base that allows it to rotate upwards or downwards, with a limited range.

Attack Unit (Side Panels)
    The side panels on the Attack Unit can rotate almost all the way around.

Attack Unit (Antenna)
    The antenna ontop of the Attack Unit can stand upwards, rotate backwards, or flatten against the unit.

Attack Unit (Boosters)
    The attack unit also comes with a set of boosters. On the Command Wolf, these are attached at the back legs.