- Blade Liger B & C Sprue (Clear)

    This review will actually cover two seperately sold kits, the B sprue and the C Sprue. Cast in clear yellow these were supposedly an event item? There was a lot of talk about them being released by the Jusco store but there is no indication of this what so ever on the paperwork, while it was indicated as such for the Geno Breaker glow in the dark parts.

    The sprues in question (B and C) are titled after the sprue from the whole model kit. There is no indication that an A sprue was ever produced.

    My overall impression is that these parts are awesome but they can be hard to match up with the existing Blade Liger colors. I opted to go with the Black Impact for these parts. I did manage to damage one of the face fins from trying to push it into the frame but I had this problem on other Blade Ligers so I wouldn't say the plastic is fragile. In fact after such a long time of being released it seems to be in great shape.

B Sprue Contains:
    - Face Pieces
    - Paw Covers
    - Leg Vent Panels
    - Blade Arm (Inner part)

C Sprue Contains:
    - Tail
    - Booster Unit
    - Tail Fin
    - Blades


Face Pieces:
    The parts on the sides of the face are all one piece. I managed to accidentally break one of them (on the bar that goes inside the head) but I've had this problem with other Blade Ligers. The parts move in and out.

Shield Generators:
    On both the top and bottom of the head. These pieces flip forward to simulate the active Energy Shield!

Cooling Vents:
    The panels on all four legs can flip outwards. I think I actually forgot to take pictures of this, but uhhh, there it is!

    The whole booster unit assembly is replaced, aside from the bar that connects it to the back. Don't worry it comes with both of the pieces, one just fell off and I didn't realize until I was done taking pictures!

    The Blade Arm and weapon are cast in clear yellow. I was a bit nervous that these would be fragile but they feel like they should hold up. They extend to either side and rotate forwards and backwards.

    The tail assembly, including the fins that extend to either side are also in clear yellow. The armor on top isn't, though. As usual the tail rotates up and down.